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About Neko

Hello! First I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Neko and I’m a cat. . . .OKAY FINE! I’m a 21 years old girl, I was born in Romania, but for various reasons I had to move to Italy, and so I’ve been living there for the past 6 years. I speak 3 languages: Romanian, Italian and of course, English, and at the moment I’m doing my best to learn Japanese. Unfortunately, I’m not working just yet, but I’m a student at a social and language studies university in my town. I like anime (well, duh!), music (yes, fangirls, I’m into kpop), movies, gaming, basically you’re typical female otaku geek.
My passion for otome games definitely started from watching too many anime with bishies (especially handsome anime guys, in case you aren’t familiar with the terms). And the other reason would be that I pretty much like reading, so combine that with anime and a Japanese visual novel and you got me hooked, plus you have that feeling of satisfaction when you manage to get a guy (no matter, real or not) to bow at your feet in adoration! BEST FEELING EVER! ❤

About otogemeow

I created otogemeow mostly out of “need”. I noticed how, while searching for otome game reviews, walkthroughs or news, there aren’t any websites that have it all in one place. I remember I had to check like 10 websites everytime to find out what I wanted to know, and that’s really annoying sometimes. There are some websites I can recommend, which are pretty well made and useful on the topic, but overall I thought otome game fans should have a kind of otome game related website that dealt with EVERYTHING, having everything, or almost, in one place. I can’t promise I will be active everyday but I will try to keep this blog alive from now on, since I’m sure I’d be helping out a lot of English speaking fans by doing so.

The name “otogemeow” basically comes from uniting “otoge” (a short name I created to refer to “otome games”, not sure if anybody else uses it xD) and “meow” which would be my trademark, as my nickname has been, is and will always be Neko (cat in Japanese. There is a long story behind that name, so I grew very attached to it :’3).

SO, as I mentioned above, this blog will mainly be about everything otome games or related to otome games. I could post even anime adaptions of an otome game info for example, since I tend to watch them all (nyahahhaah >3). I won’t stop to English translated otome games, I will provide info and possibly walkthroughs for Japanese titles too, I will provide download links to FREE otome games, also links to fanmade translation patches and I would also like to sponsor game releases and places where you can buy these games, mostly if they are English releases, which need all the support they can get. Please don’t ask me anymore for paid otome games links, I’ve done that before, and I really didn’t feel happy about it. I feel guilty to do that, so you’re on your own when it comes to that. Ehm..I also am ready to form partnerships with anybody interested, as long as it’s related to “anime”, “otome games”, “bishies”. If you’re in a translation group visual novel related or want to form such a group, I’ll be glad to post recruit posts too and help anyway I can. Unfortunately, I still don’t know how to read Japanese or I’d help myself, but I’m still a noob, so advertising is the only thing I can do once this blog gets more popular. :’3

What else can I say? If you end up following this blog, I’ll call my followers “otonekos” :3 ❤ So go click that "Follow" or "Click me" buttons in the side bar or scrolling down at the bottom bar of this page and become an otoneko! 8D SPREAD THE LOVE!
That's it for now and see you in my next official post!

PS: YES, I'm also a proud member of The Internet Defense League , a group defending Internet rights and freedom of speech. The Internet Defense League takes the tactic that killed SOPA & PIPA, so by clicking the badge in the side bar or at the bottom bar, or clicking on the link I posted above, you can also becomes a member of The Internet Defense League! Help us make it better!

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