[Review] Starry☆Sky – In Autumn

Starry Sky in Autumn 000 Pictures, Images and Photos

Synopsis: The heroine, Tsukiko, enrolled to a school that was recently changed from all-boys school to co-ed. Since the area where the school is conveniently rural and the rather exclusive curriculums the school has, up until now the heroine is the only one female who enrolled to the school.
The game narrates three months (of autumn) of Tsukiko’s life as the secretary of the health department, where she has interactions with: the school nurse, Hoshizuki Kotarou (Libra), the responsible of the archery club and Tsukiko’s homeroom teacher, Haruki Naoshi (Leo) and a mysterious trainee teacher, Mizushima Iku (Gemini).

Company: HoneyBee
System: PC (Windows 98/Me/2000/XP)
Official Site
Genre: Romance, school-life
Rating: 13+


Review START!

I heard many different opinions on this game before actually playing it and most of the comments I read on it were negative. Ok, call me weird, but now that I played it, I must say that I liked this game the best out of of the others I played (Spring and Summer). Maybe because I’m older than most of the Starry Sky players and can partly associate myself with the problems of adults, I dunno, but I really really enjoyed it the best. And I’m not saying anything about the opening which was also the best out of ALL the Starry Sky games in my opinion, based on my personal taste.
Other good thing about this game is that honeybee discovered the animation xD And by that I mean the falling cherry tree petals. xD certainly, that’s only noticeable in Hoshizuki-sensei’s bad end. so guess they were still beta-ing it at that time seeing that Starry sky in Winter has the falling snow animation constantly throughout all the game.
AND! Starry Sky in Autumn actually HAS moments happening from the guy’s point of view! HELL! this is an innovation ! xD To actually know what he’s thinking and what influence you have on him! -^^-! that was a hit! ❤
If I have to find something negative about this game…it’d be really difficult because the story was enough to fill in for the monotonous graphics that I may have complained about in the other reviews too. Glad honeybee put more movement in Winter.

Ok, now let’s start the individual reviews of each route. I’m going to review them from the one I liked most to the one I liked the least, like always. ^^

Hoshizuki Koutaro


Birthdate: October 13
Horoscope: Libra
Height: 177CM
Weight: 58KG
Blood Type: AB
Age: 26
Job: School doctor

2 reasons why I love Kotarou:
1. His dubber is my absolute favorite dubber ever: Akira Ishida. (Break from Pandora Hearts, Kuja from Final Fantasy Dissidia, Eyes Rutherford from Spiral- if you need some other names)
2. Just HOW can’t you love the angst in this?! Those that follow the Starry Sky ONA had a taste of this angst going between them from the beginning of their route but certainly, that’s just the beginning. Wait till you see what happens when Kotarou actually becomes aware of the “danger” Tsukiko represents for him! xD What do adults do when they sense danger? a yeah. They get the negation syndrome. xD And that’s what he’ll do till the very end of their route (in the True End and Good End).
I really, didn’t find anything wrong with this route. And don’t tell me the “pedophilia excuse” aka “he’s the oldest of the three teachers so while we can accept Naoshi and Iku, Kotarou is just a pedophile”. I really can’t care less about that, plus, correct me if I’m wrong here, but girls in Japan are even able to marry when they get to 16 years old, if the parents agree? Anyway, I don’t consider anythhing particularly wrong here, because Tsukiko can’t be considered a child anymore at that age and he didn’t even sexually touch her till Starry Sky After Autumn. Good job, Hoshizuki lolicon!

Another sweet thing I want to point out is a thing that you may have noticed in the anime too (for those who watched it). Kotarou is one of the rare people that can withstand Tsukiko’s poison-tea-from-Hell and he actually likes it despite him always teasing Tsukiko for it. Or when Tsukiko has enough of Kotarou being messy and starts scolding him in front of the other teachers. See why I like this pairing now? They had this “freshly married couple” atmosphere between them from the beginning of the game and even if they were student and teacher, they were able to confide in eachother but maintaining their respect and distances from one another at the same time. It’s really a complex and beautifully developed relationship.


Awards accorded to this route by Neko: (because I’m baddass like that I can afford to do that xD)
1. Best Route of Starry Sky in Autumn.
2. Best True End
3. Best Good End
4. Best CGs
5. Best drama
6. The Bad End that made Neko cry the most from all Starry Sky games xD

Starry Sky in Autumn Naoshi Pictures, Images and Photos

Haruki Naoshi

Birthdate: August 11
Horoscope: Leo
Height: 164CM
Weight: 53KG
Blood Type: 0
Age: 24
Job: Teacher

Naoshi or chibi sensei is Tsukiko’s homeroom teacher and the responsible for the archery club so she has to deal with him most of the time to drop up the keys of the clubroom and not only. From his nickname (invented by his students) you can already say Naoshi has a sort of inferiority complex because of his 164 cm of height and just slightly taller than Tsukiko xD Anyway….
When Iku comes to work as a student teacher Naoshi has his hands full always trying to get him to do his work. Naoshi really loves the whole “youth” part of high school because he missed out on his own youth. Anyway, he’s fast in loosing confidence sometimes, and Tsukiko plays a great role in giving him a push.

Personally, I think Naoshi’s route was ok. Just average. Not too boring and not too annoying. It was just cute seeing the always cheerful chibi sensei not being the usual cheerful chibi sensei xD And surprisingly, it seemed that Tsukiko was the adult and not Naoshi, fact that made it even cuter xD And ironical too since that’s a big difference from Kotarou, who wouldn’t stop calling Tsukiko a kid. xD
Anyway, overall it was really enjoyable and this remained constant in all, True End, Good End and Bad End.

Awards accorded to this route by Neko:
1. Cutest “date” CG
2. Most light-hearted route
3. The most cheerful Bad End (it kind of made me smile even though they didn’t end together xD)

Mizushima Iku

Birthdate: June 9
Horoscope: Gemini
Height: 187CM
Weight: 67KG
Blood Type: B
Age: 21
Job: Trainee teacher

And here’s the youngest of all the teachers…And the most scary one of you ask me…I..didn’t really enjoyed his route besides the beginning. ^^”’ The beginning was fun, even though I still repeated in my head that I wanted to freakin’ report Iku for sexual harassment, but after a while I understood that it woud bring no good….

Ok, besides that, starting from Iku and Tsukiko’s “love game” till the end ..I didn’t quite enjoy it. Iku has maybe the most tragic past together with Kotarou, but that didn’t make me feel sorry for him one bit and try to justify his actions. He was just pure evil. Tsukiko was almost raped because of him and with that I’m not counting the 1000 times he wanted to jump on her. I know that he was just playing and trying to frighten her but really..when it’s enough it’s enough. ^^”” I personally would have never fallen for someone like him ^^” he’s better off as a friend. YES! A friend! He was the “key” to Koutaro’s route and gave me and Tsukiko a great deal of info about him. And in Naoshi’s route, I think he was the only one in that damn Academy that attempted to help chibi sensei and Tsukiko’s falling relationship. So from that we can see that he’s not a cold blooded snake. But as I said before…that can be only said if Iku is just the side character. if you convert him to the main character then there’s Hell to b unleashed (with Iku being Satan, certainly. xD).
So…this route was a bit of a disappointment. But Kotarou and Naoshi stand up for it xD

Awards accorded to this route by Neko: (yeah, there are some good points despite everything xD)

1. The route that made Neko want to crush the main guy(Iku in this case) under my feet the most, using the power of love xD (too bad he almost crushed Tsukiko with his evilness instead >>)
2. Mizushima Iku= The most useful character in Koutaro’s and Naoshi’s routes. (I just HAVE to give him credit for that)
3. Funniest comical/ironical replies. (Despite him being a bastard, I noticed Iku is a really ironic person and he has the gift to make you laugh with his irony…but only when he’s not talking with Tsukiko. Then he goes on the offensive/defensive xD)

Saying all this, I still consider Starry Sky in Autumn being the most awesome game from the Starry Sky series and I just can’t wait for the Starry sky – After Autumn game. ^^
Now playing Starry Sky in Winter.

Seeing Kanata fuming in the background is such a delight to my eyes. xD


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