[WALKTHROUGH] Heart no kuni no alice – Boris Airay – Schematic Walkthrough [PC]

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This is a walkthrough of the original Heart no kuni no Alice game for the PC. It’s in no way related to the Ipad remake but can be used in a certain degree for Anniversary no kuni no Alice. Update on a proper walkthrough of that coming soon.

Things you have to know
1. DON’T jump over the second prologue by any means or you’ll get 2 points of sense of responsibility! Everything becomes BADEND 1 or BANDEND2 when the sense of responsibility is 4..(Read other post)
2. Choose as place of stay the amusement park.
3. To get everything in Boris’ route you have to gain hearts with Peter, the Bloody Twins and Julius.
4. You HAVE to get Boris’ Event 20 to unlock his ball events.
5. Sometimes, when daytime won’t come so you can get to meet Peter, a good use of the load/save trick may be useful since the game is pretty random at this. Saving the game between visits is also a good thing to do.

Boris Talk Events Answers

Since these pop out randomly between the visit I’m just going to put the answers here in the order you’ll find them, so each time Boris asks you something, come to this section and count the asnwers.

1. なぞなぞに答えるのが好き
2. …蛇口?
3. ???
4. 愛憎劇?
5. ボリスと遊ぶのは楽しい
6. う~ん
7. なぞなぞを出してくれる人が好き
8. 答えは…移流霧
9. …ボリス?
10. 心当たりない

Other talk events you’ll get with the other characters aren’t specifically important. Just answer what you want, you’ll still get their Friend Events. (or at least I didn’t have any problem getting Vivaldi’s Friend Events this way…^^”)

Walkthrough begins here
● Prologue 1
Julius drives you out of the clock tower.

● Decide your place of stay -> Prologue 2
– Choose the Amusement Park as your place of stay.
– Choose 【耳をふさぐので精一杯】: Boris favorability +5 -> continue with the story till the next choose point
– Choose 【あからさまに名前をからかう】
– Choose 【ここでの生活に慣れたと答える】 : responsibility evasion
– 【ここでの生活に役にたつアイテム?】 : responsibility evasion

You obtain the hourglass and the chance to change the time 3 times.


Visit time – Save the game (Save 1 – Boris’ first day)

(When you skips prologue 1 it becomes sense of responsibility 2, Boris favorability 0 and 0 hourglass. SO I REPEAT! DON’T SKIP PROLOGUE 2!)
. This round you have 59 free turns
→ Visit Peter (Castle of Hearts;daytime): 12 times
Blood (Hatter Mansion; night): 5 times
Bloody Twins (Meet them after the 5 turns spent with Blood; Hatter Mansion; daytime): 8 times
Boris : 34 times

Events to get this round

Daytime – Peter Meeting Event – CG
Night – Blood Meeting Event
Daytime – Bloody Twins Meeting Event
Evening – Boris Event 1 – CG
Daytime – Boris Event 2 – CG
Daytime – Boris Event 3 – CG
Daytime – Boris Event 4 – CG

Automatically Generated Events

Turn 5 – Nightmare’s hematemesis Event
Turn 7 – Beginning of Work Event
Turn 9 – Nightmare Event – Choose 【すごいことなんかじゃない】 – Sense of responsibility + 1
Turn 19 – Content of Small Bottle Ev. 1
Turn 29 – Nightmare Event – Choose 【今を楽しむ】 – Responsibility Evasion
Turn 30 – Nightmare Event – Choose 【変なの】
Turn 49 – Nightmare Event – Choose 【どうしようもない奴だが、心配】

. Round 2: 60 free turns – Save 2 (when you get the Falling Man 1 Event)
→ Visit: Peter (daytime): 12 times
Bloody Twins (daytime): 8 times
Boris: 40 times

Events to get this round

Daytime – Peter’s Red Room Friendship Event 1 – CG
Daytime – Boris Event 5 – CG
Evening – Boris Event 6 – CG
Evening – Boris Event 7 – CG
Daytime – Boris Event 8 – CG
Daytime – Boris Event 9 – CG

Automatically Generated Events

60th Turn – Falling Man Ev. 1
69th Turn – Fly over the sky with Nightmare
89th Turn – Removing Nightmare’s Eye patch – Choose 【ナイトメアの眼帯をはずす】
90th Turn – Content of Small Bottle 2
100th Turn – About the Game Ev
110th Turn – Nightmare’s Beautiful Features Ev.

Round 3 – Falling Man Ev 2 (Save 3 )

– The fallen man is discovered in the 120th turn.
– 60 free turns
Visit: Peter (daytime): 12 times
Bloody Twins (daytime): 8 times
Boris: 40 times

Events to get this round

Daytime – Peter’s Red Room Friendship Event 2 – CG
Daytime – Bloody Twins Friendship Event 1 – CG
Daytime – Sub-Event: Bloody Twins & Boris – CG (happens if you got Boris Event 5)
Daytime – Sub-Event: Bloody Twins & Boris 2 – CG (happens if you got Boris Event 7)
Daytime – Sub-Event: Bloody Twins & Boris 3 – CG (happens if you got Boris Event 7 and Bloody Twins Friendship Event 1)
Daytime – Boris Event 10 – CG
Daytime – Boris Event 11 – CG
Daytime – Boris Event 12 – CG
Daytime – Boris Event 13
Daytime – Boris Event 14
Daytime – Boris Event 15 – CG

Automatically Generated Events

120th Turn – Falling Man Ev 2
151st Turn – Nightmare Event – Choose 【この世界にいる人が好きになったから】 – Responsibility evasion
160th Turn – Contents of Small Bottle Event 3

Round 4 – Falling Man Event 3 (Save 4)

. The falling man event 3 is discovered at the 180th turn.
– 50 free turns
→ Visit: Peter (daytime) : 6 times (OR visit him till you get 3 hearts with him in the “Love feelings for you” menu)
Boris: 44 times
– Save the game (Save 5) when Boris Event 19 is generated.

Events to get this round

Daytime – Boris Event 16 – CG
Evening – Boris Event 17 – CG
Evening – Boris Event 18 – CG
Daytime – Boris Event 19 – CG (Save 5)
Daytime – Boris Event 20 – CG

Automatically Generated Events

180th Turn – Falling Man Event 3
181th Turn – Nightmare Event – The Afterimage – Choose 【ナイトメアを責める】

230th Turn – Dance Party is Coming Soon Event – CG
Content of Small Bottle 4 Event
– 9 free turns
– Visit: Peter (daytime): 1 time (Peter’s Red Room Friendship Event 3 – CG GET)
Boris: 8 times

Dance party

– The Dance party occurs in the 240th turn
– Save in a random save slot (that you didn’t already use) when the choices of Peter’s ball jealousy event appear -> each choice unlocks different Boris ball events.

Ball events scheme

– Peter Jealousy Event – CG (happens if you got Peter’s Red Room Event 3 and Boris Event 20)
– 【受け入れる】→ Unlocks Boris Dance Party A aka Boris Jealousy Event
– 【ペーターを拒否する】→ Unlocks Boris Dance Party B (* after playing Boris Dance Party A, load the game at Peter’s Jealousy Event choice point and continue the game from here)

– Dance Party CG – Choose 【それでも、なんだか楽しい】 * Responsibility evasion

– Dance Party A or B Event (depending of the choices in Peter’s Jealousy event)
( In the case of Boris Dance Party B, save the game in a random free slot when the choices appear after Boris asks you to dance.
【ダンスを続ける】-> collects extra Dance CG
*After collecting extra Dance CG, load the game and choose the other option
【ダンスを打ち切る】-> True Boris Ball Event + CG

Round 5 – Dance party Ends – Save 6

– 60 free turns
– Visit:
Julius (anytime): 16 times (till you get Julius Friendship Event 1)
Bloody Twins (daytime) : 12 times (till you get Bloody Twins & Boris Event 5)
Boris: 42 remaining times

Events to get this round

Anytime – Julius Reunion Event
Anytime – Sub-Event: Julius & Boris 1 – CG (happens if you got Boris Event 15 & Julius’ Reunion Event)
Daytime – Sub-Event: Bloody Twins & Boris 4 – CG (happens if you got Boris Event 10 & Bloody Twins Friend Ev 1)
Daytime – Bloody Twins Friendship Event 2 – CG (Save 148)
Daytime – Sub-Event: Bloody Twins & Boris 5 – CG (happens if you got Boris Event 10 & Bloody Twins Friend Ev. 2)
Night – Julius Friendship Event 1 – CG
Anytime – Sub-Event: Julius & Boris 2 – CG (happens if you got Boris Event 20 & Julius Friend Ev. 1)
Daytime – Boris Event 21 – CG
Daytime – Boris Event 22 – CG
Daytime – Boris Event 23 – CG

Automatically Generated Events

295th Turn – Content of Small Bottle 5 * from this point on you only have 5 more turns till the game ends.

– 300th turn

– If you got 180 or more of favorability points with Boris→ BorisEND
– If you got less than 180 favorability points with Boris→ BadEND1 (if you already got JuliusEND then it becomes BadEND2)

Other things to get after BorisEND

Load Save 5
Play the game without generating Boris Event 20 (in other words, you can visit anyone that’s not Boris from this point). At the ball event you will get the “Dance with the Amusement Park employees” CG. Also, if you play it till the end, the game will instantly unlock the NightmareEND, if you already got JuliusEND.

Load Save 6 or Save 148
Visit the Bloody Twins till you get their Friendship Event 3 CG.

Hope you had fun. See you next time =D
If there are questions just ask and I’ll do my best to answer ASAP. ^^


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