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Hello… haha I know I haven’t been holding up my word to update more, but my moods are a complete drag, as well as having some health issues and anyway I don’t want to justify myself! I’ll re-pick this blog with the inauguration of a new category..err.categories! This was meant to be a blog only for “otome games” related stuff, yet I can’t help but feel that I’m narrowing my options to just one thing from all the time-wasting hobbies that I actually have. So when I don’t play otome games, what does Neko do? Watch anime, watch asian drama, movies and playing videogames! And when I don’t play otome games this blog ends up as well as dead and that’s simply sad. So why not having MORE to talk about while we’re at it? This is why from now on, I’ll be reviewing games/anime/manga/drama/movies/books that I play/watch, maybe even recommending asian music, who knows, aside from the otome game stuff (though I WILL try to keep being pertinent to the “harem”/otome game elements in different media). I’ll also talk/rant/vent about certain topics in these communities that either annoy me or are really worth to talk about, so I can also be able to form a sort of dialogue with the people that do or end up following me. So, hopefully, look forward to it !


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