[NEWS] School youth story “Nijiiro Days” gets anime adaption

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Summary: It introduces four high school boys: Natsuki, Tomoya, Keiichi, and Tsuyoshi. The four boys don’t participate in club activities and also don’t really study, and are mainly interested in love. This story paints their youthful high school lives. Natsuki, one of the main characters, has a crush on a girl named Anna at school, while others often get involved in their relationship.

The popular manga Nijiiro Days, serialized in Bessatsu Margaret (Shueisha), will be adapted into an anime. This was announced in the September issue of Bessatsu Margaret, released on Aug. 11. A public site was also opened that same day and began releasing information. Information about the staff has also been released. Animation will be done by Production Reed, the general director will be Amino Tetsuro, and Okubo Tomohiko will be directing. Aki Itami will be the writer. (OtakuMode)

Despite Nijiiro Days not being related to an otome game or reverse harem, the presence of the four male main protagonists makes it pertinent and worthy of note (plus, they’re completely fine bishies lol). It’s said to air in October.

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