[NEWS] The new Uta-Pri..not? Star-Mu/High School Star Musical!

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Summary: The story involves a group of high school students at Ayana Academy, a school with music as its main focus. A trio of students are called Hanasakura-kai, designating the most talented from the music department. To get in, individuals must enter through a Star Frame class.

The series tells the story of Yuuta Hoshiya, Tooru Nayuki, Kaito Tsukikage, Shou Tengeiji, and Shuu Kuga as they aim for a position in the musical department after being spotted by Ootori, one of the Hanasakura-kai members.

(Source: MAL News)

White it has a pretty similar setting to UtaPri, unfortunately this one does not have a reverse harem theme, but it’s more similar to Shonen Hollywood or Show by Rock, maybe with a touch of UtaPri and Free. Anyway, it’s one of the anime scheduled for the Fall season and I will definitely be watching and ready to talk about it. Will you try watching it too?


4 thoughts on “[NEWS] The new Uta-Pri..not? Star-Mu/High School Star Musical!

    • I heard lots of people comparing Disney channel shows with Star Myu, however, I don’t think that’s remotely the case, since the only thing that maybe they have in common is the fact that it’s directed towards a specific public and that they sing (point for Disney channel here though because at least their songs have a minimum of sense with what’s going on while in Star Myu only one or two lines might be pertinent, while others are just “anime-songs-blabbering”), but they’re completely different stuff. Star myu is directed towards a female audience with fanservice purposes rather than being even remotely plot directed, which makes it quite generally “niche”, if you have knowledge of the “fujoshi syndrome” and “fanservice for girls” subjects. While Disney channel tries to appeal to all teens of certain ages, even if the plots are more or less “teens having fun and/or teens falling in love”. That’s why the comparison just simply makes me shake my head in general. However, I’m not going to argue over the fact that Star Myu is most definitely forgettable.


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