[NEWS] “Burn Your Fat With Me!! for Girls” Fitness Otome Game English Trailer

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Creative Freaks, makers of the Burn Fat With Me “moétivation” fitness app, have finally launched the English version of otome, female audience version, Burn Your Fat With Me!! for Girls. In it, the player is guided to do push-ups, squats and sit-ups, and supplied encouraging comments like “You know, there’s a finale line between ‘well-rounded’ and ‘chubby,’ right?” “Hey, fattie” and “You’re not eating too much, are you.. for God sake.


Story Voice Pack Episodes 2-8 $1.99
Push-Up DLC Pack $2.99
Calender & Timer Add-on $1.99
Story Voice Pack Episodes 9-11 $1.99
Story Voice Pack Episodes 13-15 $2.99
Toma (Sit-ups) Add-on $1.99
Ryuji (Sit-ups) Add-on $1.99
Kei(Squats) Stage Costume Add-on $0.99
Casual wear (Kei) $0.99
Keisuke (Push-ups) Add-on $0.99

“Equation of Happiness” (English Ver)
Burn your fat with me!! for Girls
-theme song-

⊹Music/Lyric: that
⊹Vocals: Nathan Sharp
⊹English Translation: Emong Zheng

✦App Download:
iTunes App Store
Google Play

Characters include:

 photo 4537223e2a8316e97de2d45c90c12c081388808481_full_zpsddlm7vig.jpg

Touma Maizono

Same grade with heroine(user).a model student who is good looking, smart, also good at sports. He was born with gifts, basiclly good at everything. Especially his physical ability is world standard. He once rewarded as attending the world junior dance contest representing Japan.

 photo e17b934697126a3157f7b4791aeff6bc1388808532_full_zpsda6cv2q9.jpg

Kei Katsuragi

One grade upper than our heroine(user).famous actor of troupe “kiageha”,an honor of the Otori art academy.He’s hugely popular not only because of his good looking but also his extraodinary physical ability. His family owns a diner in the countryside, so he’s really good at cooking by helping them a lot.

 photo 3f708057120b0d4b31136de4308a9e181388808579_full_zpszivnctdw.jpg

Ryuji Siba

Teacher of the school which our heroine(user) goes to. Also the director of ‘kiageha’ the school troupe. He was an actor when he’s younger, and once a “best-seller” while both good at acting and script writing. He quit the entertainment world for some reason. Started teaching and directing in this school by a friend’s connection.

 photo fa242aa6e350281a083f4859ee3e18691440592076_full_zpsbuus3jvq.jpg photo 0cdaf78a290b3f098ad1a6dce6dc2d2c1440592102_full_zpsu769bepf.jpg
 photo 0c8345642e28348bd6720eccac3d85e01440592086_full_zpscz48quzy.jpg
Source: Crunchyroll

So…Am I the only one here that would feel offended if I had a bunch of anime guys calling me “fattie”? lolol But as long as it works as a motivation for those that need it, I guess it’s alright. It IS especially popular in Japan at least. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “[NEWS] “Burn Your Fat With Me!! for Girls” Fitness Otome Game English Trailer

  1. Wow….lol last time I was offended was when I played Harvest Moon a new beginning and Allen told me that I’d cry so hard when my cow died.
    And also in Amnesia memories when Shin said he wouldn’t give the heroine cake because it would make her fatter and her face was already round. WTH.


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