[NEWS] First “Dance with Devils” Musical Anime Commercial Posted

Otome game makers Rejet, music producers Elements Garden and avex have shared a first TV commercial for their fall 2015 original TV anime musical Dance With Devils. Blue Spring Ride director Ai Yoshimura and composition writer Tomoko Konparu will be reuniting on the Brains Base (Natsume’s Book of Friends) production. Yuka Takashina adapts Hirotaka Maeda’s (Rejet) character designs.

Wataru Hatano’s 5th single “Kakusei no Air”will be featured as the opening. The song is written by Daisuke Iwasaki (Rejet) and composed by Junpei Fujita (Elements Garden), and its CD single will be released on October 14. Check snipets of them out!

Sōma Saitō (Mysterious Joker, Haikyu!!) as Rem Kaginuki, a young man who is the president of Shikō Academy, but is in fact a devil. He has a hard-working personality, but also has a cool personality.

Wataru Hatano (Hamatora, Yumeria) as Lind Tachibana, a third-year in high school and the heroine Rikka’s elder brother. He is an exorcist who hunts devils, and has a cool and stoic personality.

Takashi Kondo (Black Cat, Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream) as Urie Sogami, a devil and the vice president of Shikō Academy. He is an elite dream devil who is known by people all throughout the devil world, and is very popular with the ladies. (an incubus in other words lol)

Subaru Kimura (Penguindrum, Doraemon) as Mage Nanashiro, a devil and the secretary of the Shikō Academy student council. A confident and self-centered young man, he lives impulsively.

Daisuke Hirakawa (Blue Spring Ride, Hiiro no Kakera – The Tamayori Princess Saga) as Shiki Natsumezaka, a fallen angel and the treasurer of the Shikō Academy student council. He is a strange person even within the academy, and is always aloof.

I got so many Diabolik Lovers feels here that it hurts and as I thought part of the cast also dubbed the Diabolik Lovers vampires, such as Hirakawa Daisuke (Raito) and Kondou Takashi (Subaru). Rem and Shiki’s songs also particularly remind me of Diabolik Lovers OST, which is worthy of note. And those two and Lindo’s also happen to be my favorite songs from the five. XD


3 thoughts on “[NEWS] First “Dance with Devils” Musical Anime Commercial Posted

  1. I like the trailer, but isn’t Rejet known for their darker and ‘edgier’ otome type games/anime? Diabolik Lovers just seems to be the most popular one, and due to the boatload of characters, there’s already a lot of character types used for that one game series/anime. I’m gonna check it out and recommend it to my YouTube subscribers anyway, since a lot of them like Diabolik Lovers. I guess we’ll see how this one holds up here soon.

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    • yes, those are pretty much Rejet XD I must say that I rarely get into Rejet’s ideas, and not because of the “edgier” side to them or because of the guys, but because their heroines are horribly mushy and masochistic almost to a level of stupidity! I know this is an issue in LOTS of otome games, but take Diabolik Lovers for example; in the game version, Yui’s replies vary from “masochistic/obedient” to “whatever-normal-person-would-reply-in-that-situation” and these last type of options, somehow, label Yui as a “sadist”. How, I have no idea. I tend to believe Rejet just likes to focus on “kinky BDSM fetishes” rather than character consistence, and that’s a shame because I know they can do something awesome (like in “Desert kingdom”). The whole reason why Diabolik Lovers is so popular in my opinion, it’s because it’s different and unrealistical. Also, vampires were never supposed to be “normal” to begin with and that’s what I DO praise about it. I do hope that Dance with Devil will end up being better though, but I’m having serious deja-vù’s about it right now…I will most probably post more about it once it starts airing.

      So you have a YouTube channel? that’s awesome! I assume it’s some type of anime recommendation/review type of channel? 🙂 I would be glad to check it out.


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