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This is not really a review, as much as me wanting to introduce you to this game instead.lol I’m cheating.
IDOLISH7 is a iOS and Android rhythm, idol management and collectible cards game with characters designs sketched by the great shoujo manga author, Arina Tanemura. You take the role of Tsumugi Takanashi (default name, however you can change it to whatever you want), a manager for a new idol group called IDOLISH7. As the name suggests, you must train 7 singers and bring them to the 1st place as idols. The downside, though, is that the game is available only in Japanese and can only be downloaded through the Japanese Android or iOS stores (but there are methods to go around that which I can explain in a separate tutorial if anybody needs one).The game provides fully voiced story mode for whoever doesn’t feel confident in their kana reading (me included lol).
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Overall, the guys are quite likeable, though extremely typical, so I don’t really recommend getting into it expecting something else than something similar to UtaPri. The quality is nice, the voice acting is worthy of note and the menu at least in story mode is in English. The song (err the only song I heard till now since I’m still a newbie; I don’t know if there are more) is pretty enjoyable to tap bubbles on; I can give you a snipet of it here:

This mini MV actually appears during the gameplay in the background during the end if you’re tapping bubbles especially precisely 😀 The whole point of the game is to manage to get the highest precision and rank possible and that only depends of your hand-card/guys wise.

For those who are not familiar with collectible card games there are usually 4 rarity types (sometimes even more depending of the game):
N – Normal
R – Rare
SR – Super Rare
SSR – Double Super Rare

Obviously, the SSR is going to be the strongest you can get and the more difficult to get and the Normal will be the weakest and the easier to get. You can also Enhance your cards to raise their level and make them stronger or Evolve them by putting together two copies of the same card to get a higher rarity version. (example: If you mix two same Normal cards, you’ll get a Rare card and the guy on the card will wear a stage outfit).

 photo IMG_1787_zpsq6qlq2lc.png
In-game stage screenshot. Must say I kinda suck. lol

 photo IMG_1784_zpsijnit2dd.png
This is the main menu; you can choose one of the 7 IDOLISH7 members to have as your leader Super Rare version card till you get something worthy from gacha audition. I chose Tamaki, the one that’s supposed to be the youngest, though he’s taller than them all. I just like my oddballs.XD

 photo IMG_1761_zps4kswmva1.png
This is the audition menu Friendship/Free point where you get new cards/guys to add to your team and get higher records in the stages. You won’t usually get any rarity higher than Rare in this gacha as you can see by my draws, but by using Pink Sparkles that you gain from events or completing quests you can manage to spin the Rare Gacha Audition which will only give you cards from Rare and up.

 photo IMG_1785_zpsvhoachhg.png
This is the Rare Gacha Audition panel I was speaking about. You need 10 Sparkles per 1 draw. 100 sparkles per 11 draws. Or 5 silver tickets for a random SR. You can also buy Sparkles if you learn how to buy a Yen Apple Store Gift Card to charge some Yen on the Japanese store only, but I don’t recommend this option unless you’re really serious about the game or any other.

 photo IMG_1786_zpsvaaufcmn.png
This is the menu where you can Change your team, Enhance/Train your idol guys and Evolve your idol guys. You also have 3 decks available for use: Shout, Beat and Melody I imagine all of them have a different effect; for now I only know for sure that the Shout deck (red one) raises your points in a stage.

Overall, the game is enjoyable and funny to play and even if it’s in Japanese, don’t get discouraged if you understand nothing of it; gameplay wise it’s pretty intuitive, I can make a proper walkthrough if anybody interested feels the need for one. I personally just like to collect bishies while listening to nice music lol.


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