[Otome game reviews] HuniePop [5/10]

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I know I’m going to get raised eyebrows for this post, but this game actually allows you to play as a girl and that means that besides being a gal game, it is also an otome game…This is for all of you yuri lovers out there !

First thing first, I’ll summarize it really quick. HuniePop is a +18 game developed and published by HuniePot (hahahaha, original). Funding for the game was raised via a successful Kickstarter campaign and the game was released on January 19, 2015. As for the story, there is not much to it, to say the truth; “you” got drunk at a bar, met Kyu, next morning “you” find out that Kyu is a love fairy that’s supposed to help poor sobs like “you” flirt and eventually sleep with ladies.

The strong part of this game and what made my experience with it overall enjoyable, despite being 100% straight, is exactly that there’s not much story to roll my eyes at. It’s mostly a puzzle and quiz game and maybe one of the rare games out there that actually allow you to dust off your Candy Crush skills and catch all them ladies with it! XD It’s also actually pretty stimulating and challenging; You really don’t wanna know about all the times I failed and flipped the desk at the girls’ faces…

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There are 8 girls to go for and other 4 unlockables/secret characters making a beautiful number of 12 girls to manage to sleep with. And…okay I’m having a very hard time to speak about them. Some of them are not likeable at all, but it can be taken both as a bad and good thing and some of them are just so very adorable that even I would wish to would take them home. One that comes to my mind right now would be Jessie for being overall so materialistic and Audrey, who couldn’t open up her mouth without some sort of insult. I seriously wanted to slap them both. Beli and Momo were my favorites however!

 photo 339800_screenshots_2015-01-21_00004_zps7dguyl7a.jpg

The artsyle and CGs are pretty nice-looking; there were not many, but I would rather have them good quality rather than half-assed…even in this case. *coughs* There is a decent effort put into them and I really appreciate when that happens.

The voice acting is originally in English and I was surprised to notice how good it actually was. They made a good job to sound “anime-Japanese” for some (you know those squealy-kya types of voices) and completely mature and/or sexy for others, technically for all of your preferences. The dialogue, however, is quite western-ish&mature for the most part; I don’t think I heard the “F”-word and “beaaatch” and all their variations lately, as much as I heard it in this game. XD

 photo huniepop-8_zpscpapdd6n.jpg

And that brings me to the actual problems that I found with it. The game is engaging for the Candy Crush-lovers or those that are into +18 harem fanservice, however I found hard to find certain girls likeable and not overly sexualized. I know I’m not a guy/homosexual girl, so I might miss the actual…err… “point”…but sometimes I really just went with it and slept with some of those more annoying bitches only to get the achievement and progress in the game, not looking even one second back after I was done with them. That kind of made me sad. I consider that the main difference between male and girl players, and that was confirmed by Iffy in one of their recent interviews, is that males are happy if you give them the boob-plot (not trying to generalize, I’m sure there are guys out there that might not seek that), but most girls look for some more depht besides the “uh-la-la” fanservice. Huniepop is quite unbalanced when it comes to that; because, as I said, it offers a heavy dose of “boob-plot” and nothing else. Playing as a girl or as a guy makes absolutely no difference or impact on the game and characters at all. One might argue that for a Kickstarter project they focused on the basics more than the details to manage to deliver a fairly good game, and I agree with that reasoning, however I still feel some sort of disappointment about it. I can just hope that HuniePot‘s new project (if there will be any and I hope there will be) will take into consideration this detail. If they wanted to make the player choose their gender then automatically one would expect a consequence, if there isn’t, then what was the point to include it to begin with? Relateability? I didn’t really relate, despite knowing that I’m playing as a girl. Also, I didn’t like how the game forced you to give Audrey “narcotics” if you wanted to get points with her. Alright, yes, it didn’t technically force you to agree or give her these types of gifts, in the end it only matters if you want Hunie points to upgrade, but I found it kind of disturbing. I am a person that’s VERY against drugs so I felt very uncomfortable as a consequence. Also Aiko likes gambling and Jessie likes drinking. What.type.of.hobbies.are.those??? I would have liked to help them instead of agreeing with them only to sleep with them…

Overall, though, it was a fun experience. I don’t really recommend this game if you don’t like Candy Crush/Bejeweled types of games and/or sexualized anime girls. Also I am putting a warning for those that are sensitive to vulgarity, sex, drugs and all of the above. This game is definitely not for you!


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