“Liebster Award : Discover new blogs” Nomination

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I was very surprised to find this in one of my comment sections because I didn’t know anybody would care enough to nominate me to anything! hahaha So special thanks to LitaKino right here for nominating me!

For those who didn’t hear of it, the Liebster was initiated with the purpose of getting to know more blogs, specifically less popular blogs or newbie blogs and see whether you can get interested in something and make new friends on the way. The rules are as followed:


1)Thank and link the person who nominated + answer the questions given by the nominator

2)Nominate 11 blogs that have less than 200 followers

3)Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer + notify them by social media


1. Is blogging a stress relief for you that gets you way from real life?
 photo dwd1_zpshr9iehuz.png

Yes and no. Part of it comes from my love to share information and opinions about a medium that’s not really known and popular through the Westerners: otome game/reverse harem; and maybe attempt to get new people into it by sharing my dedication and passion about it. The other side of the coin is that thanks to this blog I am able to vent and stop spamming my friends with stuff that they don’t remotely care about. XD So you can call it a stress reliever in a way.

2. What anime song would you say represents you?

That’s a tough question. I literally had to take my anime list and look through the titles and songs to figure that out.

My Song by LiSA (from the anime Angel Beats) comes the closest to what I think represents me.

3. What’s one of the strangest anime’s you have seen?

Nothing came to mind for the first 30 seconds then I kept remembering titles but only to mention one of them:
 photo tumblr_nrg5quoEC01si3uvio2_1280_zpsvrliatwk.jpg


I came to this choice after counting out all hentai and soft hentai-ecchi anime out there because those are genres on its own and I would also like staying pertinent to what my blog deals with! Makura no Danshi literally translated as Pillow Boyfriend is…very weird. It takes all reverse harem stereotypes and puts them in one place in order to make them talk to “you”, yes, YOU (the person in front of the screen). At first it didn’t sound like such a bad idea, but I got quite creeped out by some of them. Honorable Mentions would go to Pupa and Vampire Holmes. 8D

4. Any manga you are currently reading if so what?

 photo tumblr_static_tumblr_static_48mrmsn3vjacww0wsg4ww8g40_640_zpsxcladvf8.jpg

I’m not a very avid manga reader because I like to feel the paper of the book in my hands and buying them is not economically possible for me, not as often as I wished, so I just read what I decide to eventually buy. However the exception of this case is Akatsuki no Yona because it hasn’t been licensed yet. >.<

5. Do you have an anime guilty pleasure admit it?
 photo souji-okita-o_zpsskozmocu.gif

Tormented bishies. The angstier they are, the better. As for the reason, I can’t exactly explain why. I never really liked the “macho” view on men; that they never can feel weak and hurt because it’s not how men are supposed to be. Tormented bishies awake my motherly feelings and I just want to hug them tight and take care of them. XD

6. What do you think of the ani blogging community?

I’m quite new to the ani blogging community, but from what I’ve seen it’s a way healthier enviroment than what I encountered in my everyday experience with anime communities in general. The people here are friendly and warm and definitely show respect for each and every blog post I happened to stumble upon. It’s something that I really appreciate. Of course, this is simply from my newbie-3 months experience.

7. What is one anime you would like to see me Lita review?
 photo AkatsukinoYona15_zpsuxzzekdn.jpg

Akatsuki no Yona ⸂⸂⸜(രᴗര๑)⸝⸃⸃

8. What anime character would you relate yourself to a lot?
 photo Hanakawa_zpszduxpevf.gif

Hanekawa Tsubasa and her counterpart from the Bakemonogatari series. As much as I tried to be the perfect example of a person completely able to fit into society, as a citizen and as a student, I couldn’t manage to, which, on the contrary, made me seem ambigous and cold in the eyes of others despite not being my attempt to give that impression. I always felt like I was wearing a mask and I built up lots of frustration during my highschool years; I was a loner and the indifference of others hurt me, but  I didn’t know how to let those feelings out anymore because I was trying too much to act like everything was okay and nothing could actually hurt me. Only 2-3 years ago I managed to break through that attempted-mask and be what I truly feel like being; if people hate me for it, I learnt to not care as much anymore. It’s a small price to pay for being yourselves. Even if I have to go against the popular opinions, there’s nothing to be scared about. (* >ω<)

9. Name one anime that has made you cry?
 photo Clannad-After-Story_zpsqxiaii8t.jpg
Clannad – After story. Who didn’t actually cry at that anime? I remember crying for the last 3 episodes in a continous waterfall!

10. Do you have a favorite anime studio?

Yes. Kyoto Animations. They always manage to turn trivial sounding premises into something awfully awesome to follow. One of my biggest surprises when it comes that was Amagi Brilliant Park. They definitely have very good screenwriters there, and the animation is always breath-taking; besides the abs in Free! the first thing that comes to my mind is the amazing fluid animation of water. And Hibike Euphonium had some anime movie-like quality that made me drool at the screen.

11. What anime would you recommend to a first time watcher?

That is tough. It depends of the age. I would say Shaman King, because it was the anime that made me discover anime, but at the time I was 12. For an older audience I would recommend the never-dying Death Note or Code Geass.

Yep, this was indeed fun to write. Now it’s your turn!

I nominate:

  • LeafyDream: This blog is fairly new, but Leafy has a very nice writing style and her posts are full of enthusiasm for the otome game future.
  • FantaMinette: She often does good anime/manga quick reviews which I consider quite useful for those that don’t want to read blocks of text when deciding whether to start something or not. I dilligently read her every post 8D
  • ImoutoPlus: This is also a fairly new blog, but she posts game walkthroughs and tips on how to read Japanese otome games and practice your kana reading. :3

(Besides these I don’t have any other nominee because I just don’t know enough blogs yet that fit the under 200 followers criteria XD hahaha)

Questions I wish my nominees will reply to if they want to answer to the award

  1. What is your most favorite anime/manga and why?
  2. Is there a scene in a particular anime/manga/book/movie that made you cry for being able to relate to it a lot?
  3. If you could choose to be part of a fictional world (whatever type of fiction) what world would you choose and what would your role be in this world?
  4. Is there any fictional character that you’d just wish for him/her to exist and marry him/her?
  5. What is your opinion about the direction anime is taking nowadays? (you can write about it generally or even about a specific genre’s direction)
  6. What catches your eye first when you have to decide to watch/read something? (art? animation? story? design? actors/voice actors? OST?)
  7. Do you play videogames? If yes, which do you prefer?
  8. What is your main motivation that keeps you blogging?
  9. If you stranded on a deserted island with a fictional character, who would you like him/her/it to be?
  10. What is your opinion of reverse harem anime/manga/otome games ? 8D ( you saw it coming…)
  11. Is there something in particular that you would like me to cover on my blog? (can be titles or subjects related to the OtogeMeow theme or even Asian fiction in general)



5 thoughts on ““Liebster Award : Discover new blogs” Nomination

  1. Ooooo You love Kyoto animation like me is my favorite studio 🙂 and you’d like me to review Akatsuki no Yona you have no idea how much I want to see that anime nyaaaaa >.< But internet anime watching is so hard right now once I get a chance I will def !!!! 😀
    I loved all your answers and you so deserve the nomination my dear xD

    Liked by 1 person

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