[WALKTHROUGH] Hatoful Boyfriend [ Fujishiro Nageki]

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Yes, I know I’m late with Toma and Ukyo’s walkthroughs for Amnesia, I’ve been lost on Toma’s route for a while and I kinda got frustrated. XD I got it right in the end, but I have to gather the will to go through it again to write a proper walkthrough. But it’s coming, I ask for a bit more patience!

I think all otome game lovers heard of the famous (or infamous?XD) Hatoful Boyfriend, so it doesn’t require any introduction. I decided to go for Nageki first because he seemed easy; book-otaku stereotype. Nageki is the Mourning Dove so explains his overall depressing aura…Anyway!

I recommend you save on 04/11 before you get to choose your club, so you can load from there on future playthroughs and save some time.

(I don’t think it matters what you study everyday, other guys have certain requirements to meet through studies though, so…I just went for Maths because Nageki looks like the intelligent type and we shall get WISE! You can study other stuff as well though.)

    • Join the library staff.
    • No, books are nice.
    • Talk to “anybirdie” (Choose whoever, doesn’t matter)
    • Go to library.
    • Go to infirmary.  (I would say to go wherever you want, but there’s an extra option depending wherever you go so just go with this)
    • Skip class. (hahahhahahah and this guy is hilarious. XD) (Just another parenthesis here. Can I question why do we live in a cave? )
    • Rule the world from shadows. (Definitely. No, I’m serious.)
    • No, thank you. (Not your turn, Mr. Cute-Narcoleptic-Bird!)
    • Night on the Galactic Railroad (Please note that OreHato is supposed to be a reference to Oreimo lol, however he doesn’t seem to like light novels. SHAME ON YOU NAGEKI!)
    • Forget it.
    • Nageki
    • Study in the library.
    • Bullied? (Nooooo. Who dares??)
    • Go home with Nageki. (Is he really some sort of -….? ooooh! lol)
    • Fulfillment in school.
    • Country Millet.
    • They can’t see you. (Awww…)

Enjoy A Dream’s End Ending.

I really didn’t expect to actually feel this bad for this guy..err. bird, after not even 1 hour of gameplay. XD


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