[Walkthrough] Hatoful Boyfriend [Kawara Ryouta]

 photo RyoutaKawaraRemakeICPSS_zpsds1zgdcl.png

Yes, I keep going for the easy guys because the save mode in this game is annoying lol. Ryouta is the childhood friend troupe with a frail body. Where have I seen that before?… (psst psst Kanata from Starry Sky) However he seems to be quite sweet and hardworking.

I recommend you save on 04/11 before you get to choose your club, so you can load from there on future playthroughs and save some time.

  • Library (safest choice XD)
  • Study whatever you want (Doesn’t matter for this route)
  • You should go outside.
  • Ryouta
  • 3-legged race (Just…Just… how? I guess I should stop trying to apply logic here…)
  • Cafeteria.
  • Leave it to me! (Still can’t put my finger on San XD)
  • Conquer the world by force.
  • No, thank you.
  • Go yell at the doctor. (hahaha it will be fun romancing Shuu, of that I’m sure)
  • OreHato
  • Get a job.
  • Give the job to Ryouta.
  • Ryouta.
  • Return to my glorious abode. (How did that even work??XD)
  • Would love to !
  • Side with Shuu. (if you get the Kazuaki vs Shuu discussion;I think it triggers by you doing Maths since it didn’t trigger when I tried doing all Gym classes)
  • I’ll ask for you when I go there. (hahahaha..I just don’t..hahahaha )
  • Calm corn

Enjoy “While it lasts” ending.

I shall also give up wondering how will a relationship between a pigeon and a human even works, right? …Thought so.


7 thoughts on “[Walkthrough] Hatoful Boyfriend [Kawara Ryouta]

      • hahah Must recognize that till just recently I believed that every person saying that Hatoful Boyfriend went deep and dark were trolling me …hahahah. I just simply thought it was a joke, or a bad taste parody, however after taking out the fact that they’re birds and I started to visualize the human versions of the birds instead, I had a revelation! It does not matter that they’re birds at all! hahahahahah Till what I played, yes I can confirm that it goes deep. That it goes dark, however, it still needs to convince me. XD But I just scratched the surface (played 4 routes till now). Are you going to continue yours? :O

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