[30-days song challenge] A song I Always relate to [DAY 7]


Yep, time for some BIGBANG everybody! From it’s recent release, Loser always felt closer to my heart than most of the latest songs. The lyrics are about people being all “losers” in one way or another. As much as one pretends to be happy or is supposed to have it all, nobody is able to be perfectly happy with themselves and/or the environment around them. There’s a lot of pretending in the world, as it bases itself way too much on appearance and less on the substance. You come to realize that as you grow up and have your own experiences, you sometimes wish that you can go back being a child, whose eyes are still innocent and full of hopes and fairies. But that’s life, sometimes it makes you numb to everything around you and you go back smiling and pretending that everything’s fine, because that’s the only way you have to move on. However things don’t change, it’s just your perception of the world that does. In the end we’re all losers, but hope always exists and we’ll always find a way as long as there’s hope.

Here’s the lyrics video as well, if you want to get a better idea. 🙂


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