[Let’s talk otome games] Scarlet Fate & Shirahana no Ori

 photo Shirahana.no.Ori.Hiiro.no.Kakera.4.full.1123602_zpsucwsighs.jpg

Note: This was not a planned post so it might come more as a vent. I apologize beforehand. XD

As you might know, Ntt.Solmare has done a collaboration with Otomate a while ago and released their Shirahana no Ori (白華なの檻) (also known as Hiiro no Kakera 4) under their Shall we Date label. The port included both a paid version Solmare style (every route costs like 4-5$) and a GREE-online version. I just recently downloaded the GREE version despite wanting to constantly kick my phone out the window for the freakin ticket/rations/passports/whatever gameplay. And you know what? The port is horrible.

First of all, I’m not gonna complain about the sucky transitions because that’s just normal tablet/cellphone-otoges, nor that the GREE version doesn’t even have any background music so you’re forced to play whatever fits the mood somewhere else, but I can say that this otoge was never made for the Shall we Date series and it’s even more frustrating in the GREE version. Why? The original game, which is the PSP version: Shirahana no Ori, never had the “Choose your man and off you go!” style (like Amnesia, just to give an example). Shirahana no Ori is more like Hakuouki: you get on the route that fits your answers. You can imagine why that works horrible with the Solmare: Shall we Date style. They allow you to choose the guy you want, but a long part of the game will be identical to all the other routes. If you have to pay for it, it really feels more worth it to just buy a complete version of the game without it being butchered into “routes” , which in my opinion, such option takes A LOT from the overall enjoyment of the game as well. It’s not funny to buy a route, like it, then buy another and realize that more than half of it are things that you already read in the previous route. It’s such a turn-off and waste of money in the paid version and even more in the GREE version, because when you play another route, you’ll get bored and spend WEEKS to get the desired new content if you want to read it completely free. Most people would just go to Youtube and watch it played by somebody else instead, saving themselves the hassle. And that is not a good sign.

Now, don’t take me wrong, though. I really appreciate and am thankful that Ntt.Solmare managed to bring us Shirahana no Ori even if “butchered”; we can at least enjoy the story, but I also read lots of reviews of people that were turned off by it because of the things mentioned above that are not present in the complete PSP version.

I swear, if I had the skills I would buy the original Shirahana no Ori, hack it to obtain the script, insert the Solmare-translation (with modifications because it seems that it is not devoid of grammatical errors, bad translating and typos) and make a fan-English patch for it, just because the situation annoys me terribly. However, I don’t have that skill and I definitely don’t have time to start learning coding processes right now. It might be a suggestion for somebody that has those skills though.

PS: I really do not know if trying to make an English patch for an already localized game (even if localized badly) is legal, mostly if the translation will be partly taken from Solmare, so don’t take my words seriously. It’s more me voicing my frustrations here.

That said, I am now calm. Have a good day! XD


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