[30-days song challenge] A song I liked when I was younger [DAY 8]

My most closest friends know this. When i was younger (and by that I mean 14-15) I was a Tokio Hotel fanatic. I collected from posters, to pictures, to books, biography, fanfiction books, magazines with their faces on it, DVDs and bought the deluxe editions of most of their stuff (also albums both in English and German). I knew EVERYTHING about them and despite never beeing able to actually go to one of their concerts, I tried to be as much of a supportive fan as I could. Why? I always had “different” thoughts than most people, I never wanted to feel like a “sheep between many other”, I felt the need to “rebel” to the idea of people “doing the same things that others do because it was just common sense” and “I do this because it’s cool” “I don’t do that because it’s lame”. Who decided any of that? I wanted an identity that I knew it was only mine, a “scream” of rebellion and Tokio Hotel’s lyrics seemed to voice my exact thoughts. My thoughts and drive didn’t change much from then, though I am more level headed about it, but unfortunately, I don’t follow Tokio Hotel anymore; they disappeared for a while, then returned as somebody that I didn’t know anymore. It might be my nostalgia speaking, the image of them back then that I don’t want to let go because they did so much for my life without even knowing, or maybe it’s just the sexualized themes that they started going for (though I did appreciate the long video on drug addicts), but they’re more “mainstream” now. Of course, this is my opinion. Some old fans stayed and claim that Tokio Hotel never changed to the core. I think it’s just common sense that they changed since they grew up, but I can’t be into them as much as I was before anymore…I still LOVE their old stuff to bits though! 🙂


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