[News] What has Neko been up to

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So you must have realized that I haven’t been posting up anything lately and that’s really not me getting tired of this blog. haha Definitely not! The problem is that my exams are coming and I have been trying to keep up with my internship as well as my studies, so honestly, I am feeling quite tired. But I really don’t want to brag too much, so just for the sake of letting you know, here’s my progress and what is my program for after I finish my exam session:

Otome games that Neko is currently playing

  • Shirahana no Ori ( because I refuse to play Scarlet Fate the way it was ported lol)
  • Hatoful Boyfriend
  • Storm Lover Kai (still not over with it, yes…I’m currently on the student council’s prez route, and I feel like slapping some sense into both Yuuto and the heroine. But unfortunately I do not have that option. )
  • Alice in Heartland (Currently on Peter’s route. I will survive the bad translations. I will!)

Other games that Neko is currently playing

  • Kingdom Hearts ( I am late on getting in the hype for this one, I know, but hopefully I will be able to play both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 as well as the spin offs BEFORE the release of KH3.)
  • Fairy Fencer f
  • The Sandman

Anime that Neko is currently watching

  • Hanasakeru Seishonen
  • Mouryou no Hako

(There are more, but they’re honestly on-hold till I can get some more free time. If you want to check my full list please feel free to add me on MAL )

Dramas that Neko is currently watching

  • She was pretty
  • Empress Ki

(For my full list please feel free to add me on MDL )

(Some) Posts  that I’m currently working on or plan to work on soon

  •  Amnesia: Memories (Review)
  • Storm Lover Kai ( Mio, Takumi, Rikka, Yuuto walkthroughs)
  • Alice in Heartland (Elliot walkthrough)
  • Amnesia:Memories (Ukyo Walkthrough)
  • Hatoful Boyfriend (Iwamine Shuu walkthrough)
  • Shirahana no Ori/Scarlet Fate (Kuso no Mikoto walkthrough)
  • The Crooked Man (Review)
  • 30 days song challenge

(Obviously, there is more but I am not going to spoil the fun for them! )

And yep. This is what I’m doing and I’ll be doing at least till half December when my exams finish. For the rest…CHEERS ! And wish me good luck!


7 thoughts on “[News] What has Neko been up to

    • It feels like a Korean drama to the point I questioned whether it had Korean people in the staff. lol It doesn’t, but there are many similarities when it comes to story-telling. Some things are over the top, some too convenient, Kajika is too much like everybody’s “savior” and the way she acts doesn’t even remotely remember me of a 14 years old teenager, BUT it’s a very charming reverse harem where, while I have an idea of who is going to end up with her, I can’t help but cheer for the other guys too. They don’t just have their “arcs” and then disappear or just stay there in the background waving at the audience that they’re still there; even during other “arcs”; some of them have a very defined role, such as Eugene in Rumati’s second arc. There’s also a lot more cohesion than what I’m used to when it comes to the relationships between the guys themselves, like Li Ren almost acting like Rumati’s guardian or Li Ren always having “cat fights” with Eugene. Overall, I think it’s a very complete story, which picks on a variety of topics, between the royal palace drama, the business world tied around it and how much influence and consequences that has on the lives of everybody in the show. Yep. I’m enjoying it. XD

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      • Oooooh, fantastic! I’m glad that you’re enjoying it. It’s one of my most favourite reverse harem series. I don’t know much about K-drama because I’ve only watched a few of them. And you’re exactly right. What I love about this series is the quality of story-telling and using your own word “cohesion”. It feels oddly real and fantastical at the same time. I really like it. Good to hear that you like it, too. Enjoy!

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