Nominated for One Lovely Blog Award x2


Thank you, Leafy! I didn’t expect to get nominated again haha! People, go ahead and check her blog NAO!


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7 Facts about Neko pt.2

-Neko’s relationships with some fictional characters that signed her life-

  1. I’m ashamed to recognize that I got some soft spots for Diabolik tumblr_nf942ay5O51u3m3m3o8_500Lovers lately…or maybe I always had them but didn’t want to acknowledge them because DiaLovers goes against lots of my thoughts on relationships and, generally, on a moral point of view. Let me keep “flaming” the anime, but characters that I thought I couldn’t stand, now I realized that they have a certain charm to them, especially Laito…and recently Kou. Azusa, Shuu and Subaru are still my lights of hope and love though, and I was never ashamed to recognize this! As for Kanato and Reiji, I would still nope out of the room if I were ever left alone with them…Sorry!
  2. I am a big fan of the Dragon Age game series and those of you that heard of it, might know that there’s a “romance” system going on between you, as the main character, and characters from your team. I think I’ve established a small personal record as to how many times somebody could romance ONE SINGLE character. I’m speaking of Fenris from Dragon Age 2. Fenrissmirks2He’s a slave elf coming from Tevinter who reached Kirkwall in his attempt to free himself from his master. He doesn’t remember his past before being turned to a slave because of a magic experiment that his master put him through (one of the many things); his hair also became white from the traumatical experience of the experiment. As a consequence, Fenris is generally untrusting, especially of mages and people in general, and often shows an aggressive and impulsive nature. Lovely angsty guy, right? I’ve currently romanced him 6 times with all classes-Hawke, both as a male and a female and pursued both friendship and rivalry paths. I still didn’t manage to romance any other character in DA2 (but I swear I will…). It’s overall the first time that I managed to be this loyal in a game with several romance options. XD
  3. Talking about Bioware games, Mass Effect game series has a special place in my heart for several reasons. One of them is that it taught me that even if the characters are not handsome and don’t even look “human”, they can be more fascinating than anybody. Garrus_Vakarian-Council_Chambers-After_the_argument_with_Executor_PallinAka looks don’t matter. Somebody can be gorgeus in anybody’s eyes as long as they have a personality that appeals to you. This was the case of Garrus Vakarien. He currently represents my favorite romance available in Mass Effect saga and I wouldn’t exchange him for any other handsome human. (yes, not even Kaidan)
  4. There was a character that I really hated when I was younger, with every fiber of my being because: 1. He was like a thorn in almost everybody’s spine. 2. He liked to use everybody for the sake of one person. 3. vampire-knight-kaname-kuran-quotes-211He was the only obstacle for my favorite pairing to end up together. I’m speaking about Kuran Kaname from Vampire Knight. And I’m not joking when I say that I despised him. However, as I grew up and continued to read the manga, during the last 30 chapters or so, I started to view him differently: more from his point of view, rather than my butthurt point of view. The conclusion that I reached after a couple of chapters, then looking back to the development of his character in time, was that Kaname was actually the best written character of Vampire Knight story altogether. His changes never happened out of the blue, but only triggered by the enviroment he lived in. He also got awakened in the current setting not out of his own will, but because of the greediness of others; he was forced to live a life that he didn’t want to live and the only thing he managed to grasp upon was the pureness of the heroine, Yuuki. He did everything only to keep her safe, even stuff that could be considered morally wrong, even stuff that ultimately hurt him, but he couldn’t let himself stop. To me, Kaname became the most “human”character from the whole cast and one of my favorite male protagonists of all times.
  5. I never met a female character that actually made me question my sexuality 2622063-life_is_strange_chloe_gunbefore Chloe Price from Life is Strange. I would literally go homosexual for her. lol I’m not even joking. Chloe could be considered the main love interest in Life is Strange and that really couldn’t make me happier!
  6. I have difficulty accepting my love for Snow Villiers from Final Fantasy XIII. A friend of mine keeps teasing me about it, but for some reason I’m really stubborn into showing affection for this character and recognize that he’s s-s-se-xy……*coughs*598439_1292512215681_full He’s one of those characters that deeply annoyed me at first for his overly-positive and “I am a hero” speeches. To me he was simply useless and irresponsible, definitely not ready to take on his “hero” role, but replaying the game I realized that it wasn’t the case. Snow didn’t call himself a hero because he really believed to be one, but because he felt like he needed to give others hope in adverse situations, he wanted to be reliable and make others feel safe for as long as he could manage to keep the pressure on himself. That made him make lots of mistakes as a consequence, but should he be blamed for wanting to do good? In the end he did become a hero. But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to openly say that I like him. <- though I just did, but indirectly !
  7. My first anime character crush was 3415000-4252883769-asakuAsakura Hao from Shaman King. I had an almost-obsession with him for 3 years of my life and I adopted his star symbol as my lucky charm. Even today I have an attraction to the star pattern and I have a star tattoo on my back. Talk about influence…


…seriously, I can’t choose between the awesome blogs I follow anymore. To me all of you are special so I would like to break the last rule and nominate everybody that actually took the time to read this post and owns a blog. If we don’t know eachother, leave me a comment ! It could be a good chance to get to know some new blogs and new people as well!



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