Neko says “Happy new Year”!

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Goodbye, 2015!…

Welcome, 2016!

…I don’t know how much I want to welcome 2016 with the Diabolik Lovers guys above, but still…*coughs* Azusa is totally fine though ! Shuu too! They can totally stay! *coughs*

Another year has passed and it’s time to look back at it, come to terms with that hasn’t worked and gather up the motivation for a plain new year, ready for us to write it with the golden thread of our lives once again. Future is something so ambiguous though, but depending of everybody’s way of seeing it, it can become either a good thing or a bad and scary thing. I find it that a new year brings a new beginning everytime; it doesn’t fix everything in your life like deleting the words on a blackboard, but you can choose to change your attitudes, your way of taking things, your way to interact with others, which you think you did wrongly the first time. It’s a way of improvement of oneselves.

About OtogeMeow  now, even though I only started posting regularly from 5 months ago, I think that a lot has happened and looking back, I think I managed to improve my writing  style a lot and also my ability of figuring out why something that I watched or read impressed or didn’t impress me. I realized that there are a lot of factors to consider when judging and expressing yourself and I never imagined that it could have been so entertaining to write my thoughts on what I enjoy.  I also realized some essential differences between one media and another, when before I just put them all in the same pot.

Then there’s the WordPress community. You guys are the most warming bunch of fluff that I have ever met anywhere on the internet! Met some good people and made new friends with the same interests, exchanged contacts with said people and I hope to be able to keep in contact with them for a long time ! Steph, Leafy and Corinne, you know who you are. LOL

What are your plans for OtogeMeow this year? …you might ask.

  1. Customizing the appearance of the blog and giving it a bit more “character”.
  2. I will start the Light Novel category early in the year.
  3. I plan to further develop my Videogame category, sharing with you more titles than I did in 2015.
  4. I plan to further enhance the Let’s talk posts. There are many topics that I wanted to talk about and develop, yet I didn’t have the chance.
  5. Point 4 leads me to believe that I need to start focusing more on organizing and scheduling my posts for more efficiency.
  6. Maybe give a hand to a team in the development of an otome game…I don’t know, that might just happen, right? 8D
  7. I definitely want to cover a veriety of stuff, so you can expect some occasional surprises!

And that would be all for now...What are YOUR plans for 2016? Let me know in the comments below!

Anyway, Neko’s New Years rant ended ! I’ll let you get back to your eating, celebrating or staying up all night playing otome games or watching anime/drama or reading…your pick!



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