[Walkthrough] Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya [Hayabusa/Hayato]


  • Do you need some help?
  • I’m not a crybaby anymore 
  • I was thinking about the past 
  • Will we meet again? 
  • I want to call you Hatayo 
  • I could never laugh at you 
  • You’re a jerk 
  • I will. 
  • I wish I hadn’t gone to sleep
  • I remember too 
  • I’m sorry
  • No 
  • Takao’s such a good person.. 
  • Do you want to go to the mainland too? 
  • I’m sorry Hayato 
  • I wouldn’t know 
  • Hold unto his kimono 
  • Do you have any candy with you today? 
  • He’s lying! 
  • You’re not mad at me? 
  • I’m not so sure… 
  • Panic and move away from Hayato 
  • He’s not scary 
  • Goodbye… 
  • Hayato…. 
  • Then it was useful? 

(For the Happy Ending, just go to the Main volume menu, without loading anything, and restart from Chapter 13. Skip everything and give random replies. Yay for Happy ending!)

(It’s sad that even though I think Hayato is cute, I have nothing to add about him anymore than what I already mentioned in the review …XD)


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