[Let’s talk…] The Undertale Fandom – Hate or Not to Hate?



So…yeah… Whoever has been in the gaming community for at least a year might have at least heard of the latest rpg “phenomenon” called Undertale, but just in case you didn’t, let me make a short summary.

(note: I’ll try to keep this SPOILER-LESS for those that still have to play the game or will get curious after this post)

Undertale is a rpg “conceptual” game that attempts to break the boundaries set by the idea of how a 2bit turn based role-playing game is supposed to be (both story and gameplay). Through a gender-neutral main character, the game allows the player to “form” their story as they go: you can kill all the monsters in your way like in a classical rpg, you can befriend the monsters, you can experiment with who lives and who dies to see the outcome it has on the world, you can attempt to do everything the world has to offer you, but you have to learn to live with the consequences of your choices.

Overall, even if short, Undertale manages to be a more than a decent choice-based game, where little actions like getting more candies than you’re supposed to or stomping on even the smallest minion will make you feel like a scumbag (Congrats if you are able to relate and let’s share a hug of solidarity!). Ok, with that out of the way, if you heard of Undertale from before you might also know of its…


(drum rolls)

Undertale’s fanbase has became quite infamous during the past year because of their obnoxious love for the game; trying to promote it in any way possible as if it’s the best thing that has befallen the world second to Christ, shoving it down other people’s throats, thinking that there’s only ONE right way of playing the game, raging when said-somebody didn’t LOVE-the-hell out of it the same that they did, making “porn”/sexy  fanfics and fanarts of characters  or pairings that are never meant to be looked at in a sexual/romantic  way and claiming that their otp is the only otp to be accepted etc.


okay. now stop.

and i’m referring to you, fanbase-haters.

Look, I can understand how what I described above sounds nothing less than annoying for whoever reads this, but try to look at it from a different perspective.

Undertale fanbase is NOT the only fanbase that has obnoxious/childish fans. I DARE YOU to look at ANY fanbase in existence and try to find one that has absolutely no “annoying” fans. The reason why it appears like Undertale’s fandom in particular is more annoying than others is because (the fact that it’s still a fresh new game to a side) people that complain or bug are just louder than the actual nice part of it. And that again stands for every fanbase. From my experience I can say that The Witcher fans are quite loud in praises as well, mostly when it comes to compare it with Dragon Age. What about Game of Thrones? The hate for Final Fantasy 13? All the anti-Square Enix gamers that claim to have a superior taste because they don’t fall for Square Enix’s baits and instead criticize everything this company does? LOUD.  ( I realize that by writing this post means that I was bothered enough by the “loud” complains regarding it too, but I don’t want anybody to get scared or dislike the fanbase based solely on what they hear about it.)

They simply appear louder about it because our minds are usually set to remember things that hit us more: Your favorite book/movie/anime/Tv show? They’re your favorites because you’ll remember them for a long time. A horrible book/movie/anime/Tv show that had potential but made you want to bestow the flames of Hell on it by the end of the story? No way you’ll allow yourself to not attempt warning everybody in your path about the atrocities you witnessed and save people that walk in blindly from your same fate!  Your OTP finally getting together after many hardships? You’ll innerly squeal everytime you get reminded by them. Your favorite character in a fiction dying? That will scar you forever. But how about a side character that didn’t particularly do anything, but be nice? Sure, you can feel sympathy, but are you going to remember it? Usually not, unfortunately. A friendly chat or a fight? Which are you going to talk about more after that? 

How about annoying experiences with  fandoms?  Which are you going to remember more between a nice simple genuine comment and a FBNSKJDBJKSDVBS HOW DARE YOU PLAY THE GAME THIS WAY YOUR A DISGRACE. HUH YOU HATE UNDERTALE, WELL FUCK YOU!!! BEST GAME EVEEEEERRRRR!!!  I’m not the easiest person to annoy, on the contrary, but the bad comment would instantly draw my attention and at least make me question the mental capacity of this person. Just what. *insert blank face here*


It’s a similar situation when it comes to fanfiction and fanart. People can have some weird fantasies, weird ideas, some even gross, horrifying, but what fanbase doesn’t have them? The easiest line of thought is to just take 2-3 seconds to question the said-person and leave quietly instead of starting another endless war because said fanfic or fanart (or comment!) doesn’t fit your own views/believes/tastes. That person won’t normally change idea just because you’re there to point your finger at them.  (Btw *points at picture above* I LOVE Undertale-Flowerfell AU ! I couldn’t resist not to add something of it! *coughs*)

You have to realize that…

it’s just not worth to bother with it.

This is the INTERNET; a net because it’s a web; nothing ever gets out, everything and everybody interconnects. Nothing EVER goes unnoticed and you face no direct consequence for sharing what you like/dislike or act like a douchebag or troll or just have the courage to take sides. And this is why you shouldn’t take anything too seriously and just stay with your head on your shoulders about everything. You dislike what you see? Don’t start a war; politely express your opinion, develop with arguments if it’s specifically complex and it’s over. Continue the conversation only when you feel like there’s an exchange with that person and you’re sure you’re not talking to the walls; it can be particularly enlightening to share/exchange opinions. Can’t under any form agree with any of the points? Just stop.

So, please, try to keep that in mind next time you encounter “annoying-ness” on the internet. Just a little advice.


Note: I’m sure that by now you have realized that I have a preference towards SansxFrisk seeing the two fanarts that I have put up with them and I realize that the only idea of me liking this will make an argument for some of you to say that I’m defending my own fanbase instead of trying to make a general point. Well, no. I like SansxFrisk  and I honestly don’t feel like justifying myself for it, but must also point out that I don’t like all the portrayals of this relationship that I see online, specifically Tumblr (that has partly ruined my life, by the way, both in a good and a bad way lol). I can claim that I don’t personally agree with any sexual (fanfic and fanart) content regarding Undertale, but nobody should care about that. You do what you want, fanart and fanfics related to a fiction-realm never hurt anything more than feelings and it should stay that way, possibly avoiding feeling hurt at all, but I understand that “discomfort” is hard to avoid sometimes.

Note 2: I do not claim any of the fanarts in this post; they’re purely being used for informative purposes. All credits go to their original creators.

Now that I’m done I can go back to play Undertale. Do you know Undertale? Heard of it? Heard bad things about the fandom the same as I did? Can you relate to anything in this post? Let me know your opinions down there in the comments!


6 thoughts on “[Let’s talk…] The Undertale Fandom – Hate or Not to Hate?

  1. I really love that game and I can say that I praise it but I don’t think I’m part of the fanbase if that makes sense? I just like how light hearted and heavy it can be at the same time. The only couple I like is Undyne and Alphys because it’s canon and they are so damn cute together. As for fanbase in general, I don’t think I’m part of any and I just don’t look at the noisy ones. They are like T-Rex, don’t move and don’t make a noise and they’ll go away xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a good way to look at it too. I know exactly what you mean. I also like many things but it’s rare that i go that far to actually become a part of a fanbase (excepting otome games or anime/games in general of course). I stayed away from the Undertale fanbase initially not because I heard it was obnoxious, but mostly because I couldn’t be bothered to. Lately though, thanks to a friend, I was dragged to the dark side. XD I don’t regret it, honestly, I found a lot of people that deserve respect in it, for their creations and dedication, but it’s sad to be countered with external as well as internal hate for like, everything that happens. XD There’s a lot of internet drama when it comes to fanbases in general, so I was sad to see people that got scared away just because somebody has a bad impression of the fandom. I don’t think it’s right to label a fanbase that way. 😦 It’s sad.

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