[Walkthrough] OZMAFIA!! [Kyrie + Caramia and Axel Transferred Endings]


OMFG THIS TOOK FOREVER! Less than Amnesia, but still FOREVER.

(Note: if you go through the whole route a second time, you’ll get sub-events triggered from your guy’s point of view ! …or most of the time. Some of them are just extra-sub-events too)

(Note2: Since I’ll be using colors in this post, I shall explain how I categorized them:
Green will stand for the save files related to Kyrie 

Pink will be used for the Pure Love endings related to the guy I’m covering

Orange will stand for stuff related to Caramia 

– Blue will stand for stuff related to Axel

  •  Hello
  •  I’d never have guessed
  •  I can’t think of one (to keep default name. If you want to give her another name just pick the other option)

(Visit Kyrie) (So since I am lazy and don’t want to repeat myself, just keep visiting him when prompted from now on XD)

  • That sounds fun
  •  Is that strange?
  • What about Mr. Kyrie?
  • Do you ever rest?
  • It’s fun
  • I’d rather you just come out with it
  •  He’s a smart person
  • I don’t think I’d do very well
  • I’m doing it because I want to
  • … I have
  •  Kyrie
  •  Be annoyed
  •  Be confused
  • I’d like to try some
  •  Whatever you think is good
  • Help Mr. Kyrie!  (this option makes no sense however you look at it lol XD)
  • Thank you very much!
  •  It must be hard work
  •  I’d find a way
  • You have to end it
  •  Please don’t be so rude (Know what? I don’t care the other option is more obvious, I do not like agreeing with guys over everything they say! :/ the result is the same anyway, but feel free to ignore my personal feelings lol)
  •  But Axel is…(Don’t question me! I know what I’m doing !)
  •  I did
  •  Scarly  (because I’m a jerk)
  •  That’s Mr. Kyrie for you
  •  You’ll get taller!
  • I’ll try harder next time

(SAVE here -> KYRIE SAVE 1) 

  •  You two sure get along well
  • You were worried too?
  • I’m still sleepy… (Screw common sense. We need to be related to by our counterpart here! With a dose of his teasing!)
  • I’m glad it wasn’t a fight
  •  I’m not
  •  Is she that stubborn?
  • Mr. Kyrie (of course. If any of you watched “Ouran High School Host Club”, then this guy is like Kyoya, no, beats Kyoya by a landslide)
  • Do whatever you want to me…
  •  That sounds like a lot of work…
  • Let’s do it at the mansion
  •  I’ll try my best!
  • Thank you
  • I think you’re hiding something…(I feel sick of falling into his traps lol)

( Kyrie will be the only choice as of now ) (I question the need of this if he’s the only choice anyway, but ok)

  •  I’m jealous
  •  I’ll join you
  • I’ll take half
  •  That’s so cool!
  •  Meteor Shower Gathering
  • That must be rough

(SAVE here -> KYRIE 2)    

  •  If you’re okay with me… (“… I’m sorry” will bring you on HAMELIN ROUTE)
  •  I’d love to!
  •  How wonderful! (Who would think that’s normal?!?!?)
  •  Please stop
  •  Ignore him
  •  I’ll try…

(You start the Love triangle here)

(SAVE here -> KYRIE SAVE 3)   

  •  I don’t know…
  •  Let’s hold hands
  •  …
  •  I love him

(SAVE here -> KYRIE SAVE 4)    

  •  I’ll try my best!
  •  No, thanks
  •  I like it  (…and I wanted more development! Yes, I’m a pervert!)
  •  You remembered!
  •  I wish I could

Congrats ! You got PURE LOVE ENDING 1 – Consigliere 

(Open KYRIE SAVE 4)  

  •  That’s it?
  •  Are you sure?
  •  I don’t think it looks right on me…
  •  Something even I can do?
  •  I can’t

Congrats! You got PURE LOVE ENDING 2 – Brain (dawwww…)

caramia rival.jpg

From here on I’ll cover Caramia RIVAL endings!

(Open KYRIE SAVE 3)  

  • I like it!
  • Let’s link arms!
  • You’re so mean…
  • I don’t really know…

(Holy-….If only he would be that sexy on his own route ! )

(Now I feel like shit. I hope you do too. Unless you really dislike Kyrie lol)

  • I bought a present for Mr. Caramia (feelings of “feeling like shit” intensify)
  • Sorry
  • Okay!

(SAVE here -> KYRIE? SAVE 5)  

  • Okay
  • Please be careful
  • Poor thing…
  • Okay



(Open KYRIE? SAVE 5)  

  • I want to be useful
  • I’m going too
  • How fun (IKR)
  • Let me think about it


(Note: I’ll cover Kyrie’s RIVAL ending on the route where it appears just because I don’t want you to go back and forth between posts)

Note2: If you replay the whole route you’ll get sub-events. Some are important for the plot, some are just centered on Kyrie’s POV.  

UPDATE: From here on I’ll cover Axel’s Rival Endings!

axel ntr kyrie.jpg


  • …Where did Axel go?
  • You were worried too?
  • I’m hungry
  • I’m glad it wasn’t a fight
  • I’m not
  • I’m sorry…
  • Axel
  • Do whatever you want to me…
  • I can’t wait !
  • Let’s do it at the mansion
  • I’ll try my best!
  • Thank you
  • Thank you very much
  • I’m jealous
  • Why don’t all three of us have a chat?
  • I’ll take half
  • Sounds like a handful…
  • Meteor Shower Gathering
  • That must be rough
  • If you’re okay with me…

(SAVE here -> KYRIE SAVE 6)

  • Desperately look for some (woah. that was mean…)
  • He’s handsome (seriously? even for a “wrong” answer, that is shallow )
  • I’m sorry…

Love triangle starts here!

  • It’s not
  • Good luck with your work

(If you already played this on Caramia’s route I recommend you still continue till the end (pursuing both endings) because of the sub-events, but if you don’t care they’re totally skip-able. The CG in the sub-event after the night with Axel appears automatically on Caramia’s route if you pick Axel)

(SAVE here -> KYRIE SAVE 7)

  • Your friend?
  • …It’s a secret!
  • You can do it ! (nope hahahaha this is hilarious XD)
  • Be careful



  • An illegitimate child?
  • Okay
  • I’m worried…
  • Okay


If you want to go off Axel’s NTR route and go back to Kyrie  (there’s a CG in waiting so if you want to complete the Gallery 100% then take the time to do this):

(Open KYRIE SAVE 6) (YAY sub-events! )

  • Earnestly look for some
  • He’s smart
  • I did it because I love you
  • It is a little strange
  • We should go out again


This post will be updated if I find anything new!

If you find any mistakes or if you find this confusing, then just let me know and I’ll do something about it ! Thank you! And enjoy !





13 thoughts on “[Walkthrough] OZMAFIA!! [Kyrie + Caramia and Axel Transferred Endings]

  1. ahh oh gosh how is it?! I’m so behind on everything and don’t have money to buy atm so probably won’t make any guides 😖😖 the art looks so pretty though!! pls tell me how you like it ahh

    Liked by 1 person

    • I only did two routes till now so I’m kinda behind too because I keep going back and forth between the routes to check every corner XD I…have an unpopular opinion till now. Some people already finished it and I didn’t read very good things about it, mostly when regarding plot and consistency. Personally I don’t think it’s that bad yet, though the lack of “plot” in the routes threw me aback and I can see how consistency kinda jumped out the window sometimes. It’s mostly about heroine and the guy she chooses to pursue which can turn a bit monotonous. I got really bored on Caramia (the lion guy) because I had nothing to distract myself with, he kept getting events :/ While Kyrie, this green haired dude in the post, most people seem to dislike him with a passion which is where I contrast with them rofl I loved him XD He’s not the easiest to get around and he might throw you aback at first for being a jerk and awfully rational, but that’s what made him different to me and what I enjoyed about him. His views aren’t really… “otomeish”. Love is not at the first place, sure it’s important, but he has more of a grown-up “love is not everything” mentality, regarding sex, regarding romance, regarding everything. So…since I agree… The other guys sure need to give me A LOT to replace Kyrie in my heart for now (even though he can be awful sometimes and his teasing is sometimes really cruel from a verbal point of view XD, but he’s like that with everybody so I kinda didn’t dislike that he didn’t turn the sweetest guy just because “love”, but I understand why he might seem unbearable XD).

      As for the rest, I’ll give you a summary, I love the world building but it doesn’t seem to be developed enough for now, the narration is in third person and I really don’t understand that choice, there are several plot holes that I got no answer for yet so I’m awaiting the Epilogue to have all the plot which you’ll get at the end of the game, the heroine is quite dull, but depending of the guy she can get more bearable. Oh, and there’s NTR in this game which, again, wasn’t exactly popular through my friends, but I kinda enjoyed it…despite it lacking development…and I’m gonna show my bias again here and say that Kyrie stealing the heroine from Caramia was a gift from the Gods for me, because I was about to ragequit the game out of sugar overload :/ (I’m sorry if you end up liking Caramia when you get the game >.<)

      And those are my considerations till now. Yes, the art is quite pretty and overall I'm glad that we got Ozmafia XD Sorry for the long post rofl


  2. Does anyone know what you have to do for the last CG in Axel’s cg page? It’s the one in the second column on the third row at the bottom.


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