Les Contes Maudits (CoMa) – Project Announcement

Here we gooo!!

Fantasy Matter

FantasyMatter‘s first project ! Yeah, you heard that right. We’re finally back with more news! And here we announce…

les contes maudits logo

Shortened CoMa, Les Contes Maudits is a fantasy otome game set in a fantastical-Renaissance setting with several fairy-tale influences. You’ll play as Elizabeth, a fallen princess who is forced to fare for herself in a cruel world, that until a Lord offers her his help. At the new home, you will discover that you’re not the only one the Lord has graced with his help… Will there be a faithful encounter? Or will it all lead to a horrible mistake? That’s for you to decide.

Game page has been updated and you can go check it out HERE. More updates will be added in the near future.

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[NEWS] FantasyMatter is officially at work!


For those who don’t know,  FantasyMatter is a new team of dedicated otome game lovers that gathered with the goal of otome games developing. I had the honor of being invited to take part as Story Director a few months back and now i can finally say it!
Go and check FantasyMatter HERE  (WordPress blog) and HERE (Twitter).

Currently, we have one otome game in the making and hopefully we can bring you a demo soon!

Nominated for One Lovely Blog Award !

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I logged on this morning just to find this small little surprise in my comment box from LynLyn. She nominated me to the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you very much !

Here’s what you have to do!


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      You must add 7 facts about yourself.

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7 Facts About Neko

       ♥  I like sleeping. A LOT.

       ♥  I prefer anime over asian drama.

     ♥ I can’t read manga or light novels online; it tires me terribly. I prefer feeling the paper with my hands. (though sometimes it can’t be helped…)

       ♥ I own a schnauzer dog of 6 and a half years old.

       ♥ When I watch or read or play something, I can’t help but look at it with a critical eye and not only enjoyment. Even if I consider that the title sucks, I continue reading/watching/playing it, driving my enjoyment from noticing everything wrong with it. lol

       ♥ I’m a chaotic person; not dizorganized when i feel like I need to be, just rather impulsive.

       ♥ I love “different” in the medias that I follow. A “weird” idea or plot line, doesn’t necessarily have to be bad just because it’s uncommon. I like to keep myself open to surprises.

I nominate:

Leafy Dream

    ♥ Lita Kino Anime Reviews

    ♥ FantaMinette

♥  Fujinsei

♥  Nice Job Breaking it, Hero

    ♥ Otome Dreamworld