[Anime Review] The anime that proves reverse harems can be more than just romance [Hanasakeru Seishonen]


Episodes: 39
Source: Manga

Opening video: 

I’ll start this by stating that I am aware that Hanasakeru Seishonen is ultimately a “romance anime”, however it doesn’t stop it from having quite a few interesting sub-genres that just don’t usually happen to turn into the focus of the story for a very long time like it did in this anime.

But oh boy, Neko actually enjoyed a show!

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[Let’s talk…] The Undertale Fandom – Hate or Not to Hate?



So…yeah… Whoever has been in the gaming community for at least a year might have at least heard of the latest rpg “phenomenon” called Undertale, but just in case you didn’t, let me make a short summary.

(note: I’ll try to keep this SPOILER-LESS for those that still have to play the game or will get curious after this post)

Undertale is a rpg “conceptual” game that attempts to break the boundaries set by the idea of how a 2bit turn based role-playing game is supposed to be (both story and gameplay). Through a gender-neutral main character, the game allows the player to “form” their story as they go: you can kill all the monsters in your way like in a classical rpg, you can befriend the monsters, you can experiment with who lives and who dies to see the outcome it has on the world, you can attempt to do everything the world has to offer you, but you have to learn to live with the consequences of your choices.

Overall, even if short, Undertale manages to be a more than a decent choice-based game, where little actions like getting more candies than you’re supposed to or stomping on even the smallest minion will make you feel like a scumbag (Congrats if you are able to relate and let’s share a hug of solidarity!). Ok, with that out of the way, if you heard of Undertale from before you might also know of its… Continue reading

[Anime Review&Let’s talk] Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – Why did this anime divide the anime community?


When going on MAL or in any comment section regarding MKNR or by its English title, The Irregular at the Magic High School, you’re going to have to face a debate between two groups of people: those that hated it and those that loved it (most of the time, not trying to generalize). I remember that when it was airing back in 2014, the anime community kept talking about it; some referred to it as “one of the best animes as of late”, some others referred to it as “an overrated piece of sh*t”. That usually tends to happen whenever there is a hyped anime, but the “hate” regarding this one in particular was triggered by two main concepts of the anime itself that goes beyond being simply subjective and beyond claiming it as just another “lame story”.

Note: I would like to note that this is simply from my personal experience with the anime and its fanbase. If you did not encounter the same hostility towards it, you might have been one of the lucky people. haha

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[News] OZMAFIA!! available for pre-order on MangaGamer


FINALLY. After 2 (or 3?) years of waiting, it’s finally here! The game will be released on the 29th of April. You can pre-order from MangaGamer or wait for the Steam release.

Otome games future shines brightly!

PS: Personally, I’ll wait for Steam because I don’t trust MangaGamer activation methods and I feel safer to have everything on one account to download as many times as I want. XD

[Walkthrough] Hatoful Boyfriend [Iwamine Shuu]


Note: When I started a New Game after I finished Kazuaki, Ryouta, Nageki, Sakuya (both endings) and Yuuya, the game brought me to the “Fulfill promise” screen, which as far as I know, means that I’ve unlocked the BBL (Bad Boy’s Love) route. However, I don’t plan to “fulfill” any promise till I’ve romanced all possible choices, so bear with me here, please XD I’ve been waiting to romance Shuu in forever !

 Such Beautiful Eyes You Have – Normal Ending

  • A normal life (if you got the BBL screen)
  • Join the infirmary staff.
  • Study Music (when prompted you can study anything but Maths)
  • Neaten the desk.
  • Talk to Kazuaki.(or whoever you want, I don’t think it matters.)
  • First-aid tent
  • Infirmary
  • Hear your voice (bwhaahahhahaa )
  • Rule the world from the shadows.
  • No, thank you.
  • I was in my classroom. (It pains my heart! I’m sorry, Yuuya! )
  • Missing students.
  • Forget it.
  • Invite Shuu. (I don’t know whether I should be amused or terrified lol)
  • Ask what he’s doing.
  • Return to my glorious abode.
  • Invite him to lunch.
  • Side with Shuu.
  • Like you, sir.
  • Fulfillment in conquest.
  • Racing blend. (Initially thought he’d like Bitter beans but he was totally uninterested :/ )

(I’m officially horrified)

The Happy Couple – True End

Do everything as stated above, just keep studying Math ONLY.

  • Yes. (I’m even more horrified now…)

Errr.. Hope you Enjoyed (?)

5 Games That You Probably Didn’t Know were Otome Games!


Since it’s my birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

So I thought I should post something different today!

Seriously, there are many, many games out there and sometimes different genres tend to intersect to create something new that more people will enjoy. Dating sims are becoming a popular cross-genre for some of them, mostly RPGs. So here I’m going to list 5 games, from popular picks, that you might have not known were otome games!

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[Anime Review] Dance with Devils [Why do I even trust Rejet anymore?]


Episodes: 12
Aired: 2015
Studio: Brain’s Base
Creators: Rejet


Ritsuka Tachibana has always been a good student, so she is completely shocked when she is suddenly summoned by the student council. Even more, they seem to think of Ritsuka as a troublemaker. Led by the handsome Rem Kaginuki, the student council—also consisting of Urie Sogami, Shiki Natsumizaka and Mage Nanashiro—tries to question her, but it soon becomes clear that they have ulterior motives.

However, this is only the beginning. When her mother gets kidnapped, her life is turned upside down, and Ritsuka gets drawn into a world of vampires and devils. Both groups are searching for the “Grimoire,” a forbidden item allowing its owner to rule the world. The return of her brother Lindo from overseas gives her hope, but even he appears to be hiding something. In a world filled with secrets, Ritsuka questions whom she can trust in this dark musical tale, while the handsome and dangerous members of the student council compete for her attention.

Opening video

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[Walkthrough] Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya [Iroha]


  • I-I’ll do my best 
  • Introduce yourself 
  • Because it’s Iroha-san.
  • Why did I disobey my mother? 
  • We kissed. 
  • Please get used to it.
  • I want to see you. 
  • Do you feel that way too…? 
  • Grabbed his clothing. 
  • I have a bad feeling about this.
  • For you too? 
  • I understand. 
  • Slap Iroha-san’s cheek 
  • I was happy. 
  • Yes. 
  • Do you make fireballs? 
  • W-why…? 
  • You can’t hide anything.
  • I’m not like that
  •  I’ll be waiting…
  • Isn’t it painful?
  • I wasn’t expecting this.
  •  It will get warm soon.
  •  Don’t hold back anymore.
  •  I’m the same.
  •  The truth is that I want to be next to you.
  •  Kiss his chest.

(For the Happy Ending, just go to the Main volume menu, without loading anything, and restart from Chapter 13. Skip everything and give random replies. Yay for Happy ending!)

(OMFG I can’t believe I’m DONE with this game! DONE. Sorry for the delay, but it took more to do this because it’s Iroha. And that explains everything. Check my Men of Yoshiwara Review   if you don’t know what my problem with him is. Now I can move on with my life)

[Anime Review] Gakuen Heaven : The BL school!…Literally.

 photo gakuen-heaven-04_zpsxpn8bj6l.jpg

Episodes: 13
Aired: 2006
Producers: Geneon Universal Entertainment, Visual Art’s
Licensors: Media Blasters
Studios: Tokyo Kids
Source: Visual novel

Synopsis: Itou Keita, an average guy, is shocked when he’s invited to attend the elite institution, “Bell Liberty Academy.” Unnerved by the mystery, he’s further distracted by the school’s social dynamics. In a sea of amazing young men, Keita struggles to find out what makes him unique, and how he can possibly deserve to be treated as an equal by the boys of BL. Lacking any particular ability, just why has Itou been welcomed into the privileged world of the talented and the beautiful?

Along the way, he develops intense relationships with the almost everyone at school but he is terribly drawn to the friendly, over-caring but very mysterious classmate, Kazuki Endou.


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