[Unboxing with Neko] Amnesia DVD and Demon Prince of Momochi House Vol.1


This is not actually a significant unboxing (though I do plan to do those sometimes in the future), but I’m very happy to have finally gotten my Amnesia DVD and the new manga I’m planning to collect!

First of all, the manga! 1043cca3a2631f1c84f38bd98331491d9b91820105d413a28b0522d3194fe59a

This is the Italian version of Demon Prince of Momochi House ( Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji; 百千さん家のあやかし王子 ), shoujo manga by Aya Shouto. She’s also known for titles like He’s my only Vampire and Kiss of Rose Princess. The main reason why I thought you guys would be interested to see this is because all (or almost) of Aya Shouto‘s mangas are reverse harems (or have very obvious elements of it). Demon Prince of Momochi House is not much different, however, like He’s my only Vampire, we pretty much get to know who the canon pairing is from the very first few pages.

Synopsis: On her sixteenth birthday, orphan Himari Momochi inherits her ancestral estate that she’s never seen. Momochi House exists on the barrier between the human and spiritual realms, and Himari is meant to act as guardian between the two worlds. But on the day she moves in, she finds three handsome squatters already living in the house, and one seems to have already taken over her role!

Aya Shouto‘s art also happens to be simply gorgeous, so I tend to buy her stuff no matter what the story is because I simply love to even just stare at the pictures. lol

And now the DVD! Now, you know that only typing Amnesia on my blog will probably come out with a lot of posts regarding it so it’s obvious that I’m a big Amnesia fan. While the anime didn’t manage to stand up next to its otome game counterpart, I really wanted to have it! (Sorry for the flash, it was already dark outside when I got them…)


This is the UK version and it’s really a simple DVD case, no fancy box, no freebies, nothing and really, the only feeling of having it makes up for the simpleness. What made me gasp, though, is inside…


I knew that the DVDs wouldn’t be just simple-white, but I thought they would have the logo on it and that’s all. I was surprised to see Shin and Ikki staring back at me instead and behind them there’s this pretty picture of heroine and Orion.


I swear I will one day buy an Amnesia artbook!  Like Aya Shouto‘s drawings, Amnesia artsyle has something that draws me in.

The DVD has both Japanese and English audio with English subs. The English dub is not exactly horrible, but I wish I could un-hear most parts of it…Especially Toma’s voice…

Now off I go to marathon Amnesia anime again! Have a nice weekend!


[Walkthrough] Amnesia: Memories [Toma]

 photo 2015-09-02_00003_zpsyx3btj6l.jpg

Finally! I know I’m incredibly late with this, but I couldn’t figure out how to get his good ending for a long time ! I obviously forgot what I chose in the Japanese version so I thought that being sincere and comprehensive with Toma would do the trick, but it seems like it didn’t…After a while I finally figured out that being unnecessarily sincere is not a good thing and I think that makes me have a higher opinion of Amnesia:Memories as a game overall because it proved once again that it doesn’t like to play obvious. (And yes, I refused to look for another walkthrough to solve my problems XD Pride !)

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[Walkthrough] Amnesia: Memories [Kent Route]

 photo 2015-08-31_00012_zpszqjngxnp.jpg
lol I shall take note of such answer. XD

CV: Akira Ishida (please let me fangirl about this lol. Akira Ishida is one of my most favorite voice actors! He sounds so mysterious, yet at the same time mature and sometimes sexy!)

(Sorry that I took longer for this route, I got caught somewhere in Toma’s route. Literally.)

Kent’s route has 1 GOOD END, 1 NORMAL END and 2 BAD ENDS.

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[Let’s talk otome games] Why is Shin the “face” of Amnesia?

 photo Shin.AMNESIA.full.1608613_zpskpnrjupu.jpg

Note: “Let’s talk” is a new category that I thought about adding. I will treat subjects pertinent to otome games/reverse harem/fujoshi stuff that I feel are worthy to take note of or talk about or that I just consider educational. So on with the first topic!

As you all know Amnesia: Memories is in a current frenzy in the Western otome game topics for some days ago. (It also seems to be the only thing I post about lately too lol, I’m sorry! ; w;). It has recieved a Very Positive rating on Steam and the good reviews keep popping out and this kind of make me reflect on the whole Amnesia promotion and I reached to the question: “Why is Shin the promotional face of Amnesia?”. He is on most promotional poster adds, on the game covers of Amnesia, Amnesia Later and Amnesia Crowd and if he’s not the only one in there, like on the Amnesia World and Amnesia anime DVD covers, he’s almost always at the center or more “obviously in eye range” position (with some exceptions, of course). Why not Ukyo? Why not Toma, Kent or Ikki? Why not all of them? After deep thought these are the reasons that I managed to come up with:

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[NEWS] Amnesia: Memories released for iOS and Android devices !

 photo Amnesia-Memories_zpsovu1altf.jpg

While I already bought Amnesia (or more like it has been gifted to me by a very good friend XD), this is good news for those that have no PSVita or don’t want to make a Steam account/not comfortable playing on PC. Amnesia: Memories has been released for both iOS and Android devices! There are two versions which I will provide links for below: Normal and Premium. In the Normal you can pay for the respective routes separately if you don’t want them all (though I seriously don’t recommend that since the routes tend to tie together at the end) and in the Premium version you buy the whole game with the same price it has on Steam/PSN.

Find them both here!

iOS (Note that I shared the developer itunes page because you can choose between the iphone and ipad versions + look look! There’s Hakuouki too! )



Please support Ify and Amnesia!

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I didn’t have the chance to post about this before, but since I just found out something that distressed me (though I knew it was unavoidable), I just HAVE to say it! Please. PLEASE! Support Idea Factory International and Amnesia through legal means. The game got released only a couple of days ago in USA, Europe and Australia (not sure if worldwide) on both PS Vita console and PC via Steam and it already got patches and cracks for ILLEGAL download. I realize that you can’t possibly have money for everything that you might be interested in, being a gamer or into the anime/manga community is a quite expensive hobby sometimes, BUT at least buy and support what you LIKE! Set your priorities straight! And the feeling with which I’m trying to convey this to you is doubled when being aware that otome games have an uncertain future in the West! Pirating them is the LEAST that the western otoge industry needs and it could even KILL IT! Fortunately the PS Vita was not yet hacked (yet…), but Ify put their faith into us and gambled to bring Amnesia to the PC for those poor unfortunate souls that still do not own a PS Vita. You could at least download it to try it out and see if you like it, but if you like it then BUY IT. I can’t emphasize more how important this is ! It’s not available in your country? Fine. If it’s not available there’s nothing you can do. But the “I don’t have money.” excuse does not justify it if you set your priorities straight! Save up! Every $$$ counts! And better, wait for a sale. Amnesia is already being sold at 40% less till today! You can’t right now? Save for the next sale! There will definitely be more in the future! Also, if you want to possibly see the sequels Amnesia Later and Amnesia Crowd being brought to the West, then it’s even more of a reason to BUY Amnesia: Memories!

 photo 2015-08-30_00009_zpsgjo2h649.jpg
Don’t make Orion cry!

[walkthrough] Amnesia: Memories [Shin route ]

 photo 2015-08-28_00097_zpswhbrbmc9.jpg

Let me get on the Amnesia train! I’m still excited I was able to own it so soon!

There are 4 endings available for Shin’s route.GOOD END, NORMAL END, and 2 (actually 3 but it’s only slightly different)DEAD ENDS (yes, I mean it.) Also, don’t be afraid to experiment. I usually save before every choice to see the immediate outcome of both options.

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Help Wanted For Our Current Project: Amnesia

Reblogging this ! All help much appreciated ^w^ …Only thing I could do, would be proofreader…lol Makes me want to get my Japanese books and start studying again…xD

Hanataba Translation

edtwall480_amnesia1We’re looking for:

  • Translator: translate text from Japanese to English
  • Script Editor:edit the structure of the English script and create a correlation between it and the original (Japanese) version, including the font-type
  • Programming/Game Hacker: take/re-insert the files and create the official game patch
  • ASM Hacker
  • Proofreader: must be fluent in English to correct any grammatical errors.

(For details on the project, as well our current progress, check here.) If you want to join us, please either leave a comment below or email me (ayame-cchi) at kyuuichiiciel@yahoo.com.

~ Thanks ~


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