Les Contes Maudits (CoMa) – Project Announcement

Here we gooo!!

Fantasy Matter

FantasyMatter‘s first project ! Yeah, you heard that right. We’re finally back with more news! And here we announce…

les contes maudits logo

Shortened CoMa, Les Contes Maudits is a fantasy otome game set in a fantastical-Renaissance setting with several fairy-tale influences. You’ll play as Elizabeth, a fallen princess who is forced to fare for herself in a cruel world, that until a Lord offers her his help. At the new home, you will discover that you’re not the only one the Lord has graced with his help… Will there be a faithful encounter? Or will it all lead to a horrible mistake? That’s for you to decide.

Game page has been updated and you can go check it out HERE. More updates will be added in the near future.

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[Announcement] My Candy Love – Neko’s Walkthrough series COMING SOON!…and Rants.


Those that don’t know, My Candy Love (or Sweet Crush in the UK version/ Amour Sucré in the original French version) is an online otome game which you can play by logging on the website everyday to get Action Points and Money  in order to proceed. It’s divided into “episodes” and your choices are consequential episode by episode as the story goes on. There are also around 6 main love interests (up to now; and I’m not counting the guys that you can flirt with only in one episode like Jade/Dajan or Alexy…for…obvious reasons for those that know him… though I’m not sure where Chinomiko, the author, is trying to go with him yet. Who knows..hahah ). The heroine is also completely customizable with hair, eye color and clothes.

Currently it reached to episode 29 and it’s still ongoing.

I was into this game a long time ago, mostly during my highschool years and I recently got back to it and I saw how many people still have difficulty dealing with the guys of this otome game…By that I definitely do not mean that I’ve mastered the ways to deal with each and every one of them, but I do consider myself to have a certain type of “feeling” when it comes to it and I would like to help you, if possible, to get through the game faster without going off the route of the guy that you like or loose any event with him/them (?  when pertinent XD).

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