[J-Drama Review] Flowers for Algernon -What is the barrier between a stupid, a normal and a genius?


Country:  Japan

Episodes:  10

Synopsis: Shiratori Sakuto (Yamashita Tomohisa) is 28, but has the intelligence of a 6-year-old boy. He works for Dream Flower Service, a flower distribution centre which provides employment for problem youth. One day, he and a colleague, Yanagawa Ryuichi, delivers a rose bouquet to the apartment building where Mochizuki Haruka lives. Because Haruka does not know that the deliveryman is mentally challenged, she is shocked by his response and tries to call the police. Haruka works for a brain physiology research centre where Professor Hachisuka has been studying the improvement of mental performance. He has succeeded in lab experiments on a white mouse called Algernon. Sakuto is transformed into a genius through surgery.

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[Let’s talk J-dramas] “Hakuouki SSL: Sweet School Life” – Where can I watch the episodes??? Why are they so hard to find???

 photo ssl4_zpsoylzdzd7.png

So I seriously have been getting LOTS of questions and demands on my Hakuouki SSL first impressions post, which brought everybody to the same question in the end: Where can I watch Hakuouki SSL dorama ? GIVES US LINKS PURESU!; this mostly after the first episode on bilibili.com got deleted, so I decided to reply to everybody with an official Let’s talk post, also trying to explain why is this drama so “unreachable” for the western audience.


Hakuouki SSL is a drama that I don’t think anybody besides a fan of the actual Hakuouki anime/game would actually attempt to English sub for us; Why? Because it’s so niche by default, which brings us  to FACT 2.

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[First impressions] Hakuouki SSL: Sweet School Life [Episode 1]

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Before you actually yelp in surprise and be like “Holy shit! Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan in drama version!! I must watch.!” hold your horses and let me get this straight. It is not. ( ̄ω ̄)

Summary: The fluttering Sakura. Spring – a season of blessing for new encounters. Chizuru Yukimura knocks on the gates of a private academy, which has always been a boys’ school. However, as of this year, Hakuou Academy opens its gates to co-education and Chizuru is the only female student enrolled. Thus begins her first year.

(Source: MDL)

Despite English subs being not yet available for this show (and I really hope somebody is going to pick it up eventually, even though I know Japanese doramas don’t always get translated or they get dropped after a while,sadly) and I must recognize I did not 100% understand everything that was going on, I still decided to cover at least my impressions on the first episode for those that are interested in the drama, but got discouraged. I don’t usually do recaps, but I will do a rough one this time for you.

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