[NEWS] Hakuouki new TV Anime? Chibi version!

 photo hakuoki-otogi-kv.png_zpstxudo3qk.jpg

Animation studio DLE Inc. announced on Friday that it will produce a new TV anime based on Idea Factory and Design Factory‘s otome game franchise Hakuōki titled Hakuōki ~Otogisōshi~ (Hakuōki ~Fairy-tail Book~). The series of anime shorts will feature the characters from the Hakuōki games in chibi form, and will feature a completely new story with the theme “A normal every day that might have existed.”

(Source: ANN)

Well, I will obviously watch it, but I’m not particularly happy about it even if it’s probably just random fun stuff. XD These shorts are not supposed to be anything more than an extra to begin with, but Hakuouki has been getting TOO MANY extras for my liking. It just makes people get tired of it overall.