[Walkthrough] Hatoful Boyfriend [Higure Anghel]


So I was interested in this guy from the very beginning…for obvious reasons…, but then I had to do the others first for a better continuity and lol, I’m happy I did that. And now you’ll witness why.

I recommend you save on 04/11 before you get to choose your club, so you can load from there on future playthroughs and save some time.

  • Join the infirmary staff.
  • (Study Maths for the blighted ending scene lol)
  • I think I’ll neaten the desk.
  • Kazuaki
  • Go to the first-aid tent.
  • Go to the infirmary.
  • I came here to hear your voice.
  • The mad love of a fallen angel. (yeaaaaaaaah…)
  • No thank you.
  • A fallen angel
  • The time is not yet come.
  • Forget it.
  • Anghel
  • Return to my glorious abode
  • Accept the contract!
  • Do what you must.
  • I’ll side with with Kazuaki. (I still don’t know what triggers this? Studying Maths? lol)
  • Fulfillment in conquest.
  • Bitter black beans.
  • Eye of Judgment – No’chin Ki Shum – Blauhimmen Flight (i just don’t even wanna know lol)

ehm..Congrats. You got  “To the End of Emptiness” ending. Yay..! I don’t know whether I’m supposed to laugh or cry lol This guy is like a certain KyoAni anime everybody has been talking about for a few years.



[Walkthrough] Hatoful Boyfriend [Iwamine Shuu]


Note: When I started a New Game after I finished Kazuaki, Ryouta, Nageki, Sakuya (both endings) and Yuuya, the game brought me to the “Fulfill promise” screen, which as far as I know, means that I’ve unlocked the BBL (Bad Boy’s Love) route. However, I don’t plan to “fulfill” any promise till I’ve romanced all possible choices, so bear with me here, please XD I’ve been waiting to romance Shuu in forever !

 Such Beautiful Eyes You Have – Normal Ending

  • A normal life (if you got the BBL screen)
  • Join the infirmary staff.
  • Study Music (when prompted you can study anything but Maths)
  • Neaten the desk.
  • Talk to Kazuaki.(or whoever you want, I don’t think it matters.)
  • First-aid tent
  • Infirmary
  • Hear your voice (bwhaahahhahaa )
  • Rule the world from the shadows.
  • No, thank you.
  • I was in my classroom. (It pains my heart! I’m sorry, Yuuya! )
  • Missing students.
  • Forget it.
  • Invite Shuu. (I don’t know whether I should be amused or terrified lol)
  • Ask what he’s doing.
  • Return to my glorious abode.
  • Invite him to lunch.
  • Side with Shuu.
  • Like you, sir.
  • Fulfillment in conquest.
  • Racing blend. (Initially thought he’d like Bitter beans but he was totally uninterested :/ )

(I’m officially horrified)

The Happy Couple – True End

Do everything as stated above, just keep studying Math ONLY.

  • Yes. (I’m even more horrified now…)

Errr.. Hope you Enjoyed (?)

[Walkthrough] Hatoful Boyfriend [Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya]

 photo 2015-10-24_00004_zpsjdlivz6f.jpg

…It’s amazing how a name can sound classy and noble-like only by adding a French sounding part to it. XD He’s Yuuya’s younger half-brother and pretty much an egocentric prick. XD

Trivia: Did you know that this guy’s voice actor in the original Japanese version is Ishida Akira? :O I did not till recently. This makes me wish for a voiced Hatoful boyfriend version!

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[WALKTHROUGH] Hatoful Boyfriend [ Fujishiro Nageki]

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Yes, I know I’m late with Toma and Ukyo’s walkthroughs for Amnesia, I’ve been lost on Toma’s route for a while and I kinda got frustrated. XD I got it right in the end, but I have to gather the will to go through it again to write a proper walkthrough. But it’s coming, I ask for a bit more patience!

I think all otome game lovers heard of the famous (or infamous?XD) Hatoful Boyfriend, so it doesn’t require any introduction. I decided to go for Nageki first because he seemed easy; book-otaku stereotype. Nageki is the Mourning Dove so explains his overall depressing aura…Anyway!

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