[Let’s talk…] Suicide Squad thoughts and controversy [Part 1] + Apologies

Hello, world! I’m not dead! Yeah. That’s right. I’m sorry for not posting anything for literally 3 months, but a lot of things happened on a personal level; I’ll probably write more about it later on, so without boring you anymore with my issues, let me get into it.


For those that have lived under a rock the past few weeks/days, Suicide Squad is a DC movie based on the same title comic book that came out at the cinemas on the 5th of August in the USA. From its release it has been met with a lot of contrasting opinions; the critics purely despised it, saying it was chaotic and technically horrible, the RottenTomatoes 26% critic appreciation just further proves that. As for the fans, I’ve read quite a few mixed reviews, some appreciate it regardless of its faults, some others totally hate it, some others find it amazing. Me? Even though I see what the critics mean by “chaotic”, I found it a guilty pleasure and despite feeling lied to by the trailers and then further lied to by the same movie, I still love it and plan to buy the Blu-ray once out.

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[NEWS] High☆Speed – Free! Starting Days – Theatrical Trailer released !

MORE GUYS IN SWIMSUITS!- shota version. And so much MakoHaru! Please let me die right here…Yes, yes, let me be an unprofessional blogger today! I can’t possibly keep my fangirl side out of it ! To say that I’m excited is an understatement…

Movie will be released in the Japanese theaters on December 5th!

Just let me know what you think (fangirl spazz allowed) down in the comments below!