About me

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  1.  My nickname “Neko” (Japanese word for “cat”) doesn’t come from the fact that I like cats, but because I have been told from childhood that I act like a cat: when I wake up, when I’m sleepy, from my overall attitude, from my always-changing moods, from the way I sometimes speak which sounds like meow-ing.
  2.  I have green eyes and I’m proud of them.
  3. I currently live in Italy, but I was born in Romania and lived there for 15 years.
  4. You can speak to me in Italian, Romanian and, of course, English. I also understand Spanish but it will be very hard for me to reply to you in Spanish.XD
  5. I am not religious, but if I had to believe in something, I prefer believing in reincarnation.
  6. Besides otome games, I also like to play other types of video games, but my favorite genre is RPG.
  7. My favorite otome game and anime “husband” is Okita Souji from Hakuouki.
  8. I am frank and I love frank people if there’s any space for a diplomatic cultured debate. Social conventions usually mean nothing for me most of the time.
  9. I don’t get annoyed easily; even when I seem like it, I’m usually not. I’m just being very sincere. I get easily misunderstood though. 🙂
  10. I love observing instead of interacting and as such, I have a hard time trusting people. I always question. o-o

17 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello there!

    My name is Ally, and I’m part of the Otome City team! We’re fairly new, and we’re currently working on our first otome project. With that in mind, we are currently conducting a survey on otome games so we have a better understanding of what a Western audience would like to see in their visual novels / otome games. We were wondering if you would like to participate?

    We are also raffling off amigurumi dolls as a thank you for those who complete our survey – the crocheteer we contracted will make any character of the winner’s choice (within reason, of course, so no mechas or anything like that!). A gallery of her works can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/deadcraft

    The more entries we receive, the more dolls we’ll give away! This is open to all international fans.

    Here’s the link, if you’re interested: https://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/af8c6e596/

    We also hope to post the results of the survey so others can see the current otome trend!

    Thank you very much, and please don’t hesitate to contact me again if you happen to have any questions or need further clarifications! 🙂


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    • I would definitely LOVE to participate! Every otome game related movement is important to bring more awareness towards the Western fans so I’ll do whatever it’s in my power to help! The amigurumi dolls are also so cute ! That’s a beautiful idea ! After I do the survey, can I post about it on my blog as well to let more people know?


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