Les Contes Maudits (CoMa) – Project Announcement

Here we gooo!!

Fantasy Matter

FantasyMatter‘s first project ! Yeah, you heard that right. We’re finally back with more news! And here we announce…

les contes maudits logo

Shortened CoMa, Les Contes Maudits is a fantasy otome game set in a fantastical-Renaissance setting with several fairy-tale influences. You’ll play as Elizabeth, a fallen princess who is forced to fare for herself in a cruel world, that until a Lord offers her his help. At the new home, you will discover that you’re not the only one the Lord has graced with his help… Will there be a faithful encounter? Or will it all lead to a horrible mistake? That’s for you to decide.

Game page has been updated and you can go check it out HERE. More updates will be added in the near future.

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[NEWS] FantasyMatter is officially at work!


For those who don’t know,  FantasyMatter is a new team of dedicated otome game lovers that gathered with the goal of otome games developing. I had the honor of being invited to take part as Story Director a few months back and now i can finally say it!
Go and check FantasyMatter HERE  (WordPress blog) and HERE (Twitter).

Currently, we have one otome game in the making and hopefully we can bring you a demo soon!

[News] Beastmaster and Prince -Flower and Snow- Kickstarter Translation Project!


YES THAT’S RIGHT. Gloczus, Inc closed up a deal with Otomate to start a Translation Project of the otome game Beastmaster and Prince – Flower and Snow -.  

Beastmaster and Prince ~Flower & Snow~” is a compilation of the original “Beastmaster and Prince” game, the “Snow Bride” fandisc, and additional stories including the “Ex Another Story“. This is the latest and complete version of the game.

As you can see, there is a lot of content!

And ALSO. Yes. The game will be released with its Japanese voice acting!

You can go HERE to support it.

The donations will last for other 24 days from now and they have to gather 150.000$ for it to get started! So all otome games fans that follow me, let’s go and give them a hand ! This is yet another good opportunity to show them that otome games can do great in the West as well and it’s only to gain if they start investing more into this industry, but we have to do these first steps ourselves for the time being!

PS: I also want to bring to your attention the Pledge Rewards available. Especially the one for people that pledge 25$ or more. These people will get a digital Steam version of the game  which will be apparently worth 49,90$. The game is seriously expensive so if you donate now and the project manages to get funded, you’ll get the game with a 50% discount which is both a great discount and a great way to support the developers. Look at it as a pre-order. Of course, if you can’t help with money, do not worry! Share it around your blogs, facebook, twitter, tumblr, family, friends etc.! That’s also a great way to help!  Let’s make this happen!

[NEWS] Ozmafia! gets a short anime adaptation!



A teaser site opened and announced that otome game Ozmafia will receive a short TV anime for Summer 2016. It will be an original story from the game.

Ozmafia!! was originally released on June 28, 2013 via various Windows systems and later released via PlayStation Vita on February 26, 2015 with the title Ozmafia!! -vivace-. Four character songs were released in 2013 and 2014, and a soundtrack for vivace was released on November 25, 2015.

(Source MAL)

The words “original” and “short” kind off bother me lol

[News] Neko will be gone till 4th of January!

 photo Kuroko.no.Basuke.full.1865160_zps1kqvwc3q.jpg

I wanted to let you know,guys, that I’ll be spending my holidays outside of the country from today till 4th of January. I’m going to my birth-country (Romania)to spend some quality time with my childhood friends, my family back there and make new happy memories! Whoo! However, the blog won’t be abandoned. I have some scheduled posts ready and you won’t even feel that I’m gone ! I just won’t be able to reply to any of the comments! lol So just so you know, I’m not planning to ignore you. Just that where I’m going I might have limited access to internet and so I thought of using this opportunity to also take a break and meet you all again in January with renewed motivation and goals ! (I’ll develop that more in the New Years post) Till then, I hope you all are going to have a nice time and don’t forget to have fun and rest!

[News] What has Neko been up to

 photo 2015-09-06_00005_zpsoqqhs5ep.jpg

So you must have realized that I haven’t been posting up anything lately and that’s really not me getting tired of this blog. haha Definitely not! The problem is that my exams are coming and I have been trying to keep up with my internship as well as my studies, so honestly, I am feeling quite tired. But I really don’t want to brag too much, so just for the sake of letting you know, here’s my progress and what is my program for after I finish my exam session:

Otome games that Neko is currently playing

  • Shirahana no Ori ( because I refuse to play Scarlet Fate the way it was ported lol)
  • Hatoful Boyfriend
  • Storm Lover Kai (still not over with it, yes…I’m currently on the student council’s prez route, and I feel like slapping some sense into both Yuuto and the heroine. But unfortunately I do not have that option. )
  • Alice in Heartland (Currently on Peter’s route. I will survive the bad translations. I will!)

Other games that Neko is currently playing

  • Kingdom Hearts ( I am late on getting in the hype for this one, I know, but hopefully I will be able to play both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 as well as the spin offs BEFORE the release of KH3.)
  • Fairy Fencer f
  • The Sandman

Anime that Neko is currently watching

  • Hanasakeru Seishonen
  • Mouryou no Hako

(There are more, but they’re honestly on-hold till I can get some more free time. If you want to check my full list please feel free to add me on MAL )

Dramas that Neko is currently watching

  • She was pretty
  • Empress Ki

(For my full list please feel free to add me on MDL )

(Some) Posts  that I’m currently working on or plan to work on soon

  •  Amnesia: Memories (Review)
  • Storm Lover Kai ( Mio, Takumi, Rikka, Yuuto walkthroughs)
  • Alice in Heartland (Elliot walkthrough)
  • Amnesia:Memories (Ukyo Walkthrough)
  • Hatoful Boyfriend (Iwamine Shuu walkthrough)
  • Shirahana no Ori/Scarlet Fate (Kuso no Mikoto walkthrough)
  • The Crooked Man (Review)
  • 30 days song challenge

(Obviously, there is more but I am not going to spoil the fun for them! )

And yep. This is what I’m doing and I’ll be doing at least till half December when my exams finish. For the rest…CHEERS ! And wish me good luck!

[NEWS] Norn9 first PV aired !

The video first debuted at this past weekend’s Animate Girls Festival in Tokyo.
While I’m pretty mesmerized by the sound of it, the quality of the animation seems slightly blurred when I go full screen. I don’t know if it’s just the video though, I’m expecting more than pretty sceneries here. However, I still can’t wait! The anime will air in January of next year.

[NEWS] Hakuouki new TV Anime? Chibi version!

 photo hakuoki-otogi-kv.png_zpstxudo3qk.jpg

Animation studio DLE Inc. announced on Friday that it will produce a new TV anime based on Idea Factory and Design Factory‘s otome game franchise Hakuōki titled Hakuōki ~Otogisōshi~ (Hakuōki ~Fairy-tail Book~). The series of anime shorts will feature the characters from the Hakuōki games in chibi form, and will feature a completely new story with the theme “A normal every day that might have existed.”

(Source: ANN)

Well, I will obviously watch it, but I’m not particularly happy about it even if it’s probably just random fun stuff. XD These shorts are not supposed to be anything more than an extra to begin with, but Hakuouki has been getting TOO MANY extras for my liking. It just makes people get tired of it overall.

[NEWS] High☆Speed – Free! Starting Days – Theatrical Trailer released !

MORE GUYS IN SWIMSUITS!- shota version. And so much MakoHaru! Please let me die right here…Yes, yes, let me be an unprofessional blogger today! I can’t possibly keep my fangirl side out of it ! To say that I’m excited is an understatement…

Movie will be released in the Japanese theaters on December 5th!

Just let me know what you think (fangirl spazz allowed) down in the comments below!

[NEWS] Otomate contest and Survey !

 photo 12063566_1228426343840058_5817872770744623244_n_zpsjvllrlds.png

I know I discovered this late but you have other 3 or so days to participate and give your opinions ! (till 3rd of November) Otomate is asking us which otome game titles we would like them to try and get localized! That means only good news for us ! So go and leave a comment and maybe you’ll be the lucky random winner of some Otomate prizes too! Seems like there are lots of requests for Hakuouki SSL, Diabolik Lovers and Brothers Conflict.
Leave your opinion HERE

PS: I voted for Hakuouki SSL, Brothers Conflict, Wand of Fortune and Snow Bound Land!

What are you waiting for?! Go and vote now! Also! HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL OF YOU!