[Walkthrough] OZMAFIA!! [Caramia + Kyrie and Axel Transferred Endings]


I’m sorry, but this guy was such a pain for me. I’m kinda glad he’s out of the way now ^^’ I apologize for whoever likes Caramia. He’s just too sweet, kind and Prince Charming-ish for me XD

(Note: Since I’ll be using colors in this post, I shall explain how I categorized them:
Orange  will stand for the save files related to Caramia

Pink will be used for the Pure Love endings related to the guy I’m covering

 Green will stand for endings related to Kyrie rival route.

Blue will stand for endings related to Axel’s rival route.

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[Let’s talk…] The Undertale Fandom – Hate or Not to Hate?



So…yeah… Whoever has been in the gaming community for at least a year might have at least heard of the latest rpg “phenomenon” called Undertale, but just in case you didn’t, let me make a short summary.

(note: I’ll try to keep this SPOILER-LESS for those that still have to play the game or will get curious after this post)

Undertale is a rpg “conceptual” game that attempts to break the boundaries set by the idea of how a 2bit turn based role-playing game is supposed to be (both story and gameplay). Through a gender-neutral main character, the game allows the player to “form” their story as they go: you can kill all the monsters in your way like in a classical rpg, you can befriend the monsters, you can experiment with who lives and who dies to see the outcome it has on the world, you can attempt to do everything the world has to offer you, but you have to learn to live with the consequences of your choices.

Overall, even if short, Undertale manages to be a more than a decent choice-based game, where little actions like getting more candies than you’re supposed to or stomping on even the smallest minion will make you feel like a scumbag (Congrats if you are able to relate and let’s share a hug of solidarity!). Ok, with that out of the way, if you heard of Undertale from before you might also know of its… Continue reading

[Walkthrough] Amnesia: Memories [Toma]

 photo 2015-09-02_00003_zpsyx3btj6l.jpg

Finally! I know I’m incredibly late with this, but I couldn’t figure out how to get his good ending for a long time ! I obviously forgot what I chose in the Japanese version so I thought that being sincere and comprehensive with Toma would do the trick, but it seems like it didn’t…After a while I finally figured out that being unnecessarily sincere is not a good thing and I think that makes me have a higher opinion of Amnesia:Memories as a game overall because it proved once again that it doesn’t like to play obvious. (And yes, I refused to look for another walkthrough to solve my problems XD Pride !)

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[First Impressions] Under the Moon [R18]

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Ah…I’m definitely playing too many stuff.

First of all, Under the Moon is a 18+ otome game so you’ll have some hentai scenes in it. I personally don’t mind hentai. So those that mind it, well, I don’t remember there being a version that skips sex scenes so I imagine this game won’t be something you’d like. XD
*coughs* Let’s get to business…

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This is not really a review, as much as me wanting to introduce you to this game instead.lol I’m cheating.
IDOLISH7 is a iOS and Android rhythm, idol management and collectible cards game with characters designs sketched by the great shoujo manga author, Arina Tanemura. You take the role of Tsumugi Takanashi (default name, however you can change it to whatever you want), a manager for a new idol group called IDOLISH7. As the name suggests, you must train 7 singers and bring them to the 1st place as idols. The downside, though, is that the game is available only in Japanese and can only be downloaded through the Japanese Android or iOS stores (but there are methods to go around that which I can explain in a separate tutorial if anybody needs one).The game provides fully voiced story mode for whoever doesn’t feel confident in their kana reading (me included lol).
 photo IMG_1788_zps7qjay0ej.png

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[WALKTHROUGH] Heart no kuni no alice – Boris Airay – Schematic Walkthrough [PC]

B. Airay Pictures, Images and Photos

This is a walkthrough of the original Heart no kuni no Alice game for the PC. It’s in no way related to the Ipad remake but can be used in a certain degree for Anniversary no kuni no Alice. Update on a proper walkthrough of that coming soon.

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[WALKTHROUGH] Alice in Heartland – Boris Airay [iOS/Android]

 photo fa3d0f47-2046-4355-8954-9d4edb8fee1b_zpsf5eac1bf.png

Hello! Neko’s back with the first walkthrough on this blog! And…..Sheesh, it’s Boris again. I have a long story with this guy since I’ve played the first Heart no kuni no Alice game, the un-revised one (yes, the awfully difficult one with the 104387 turns and visits) and I’ve been trying to make a walkthrough for him a couple of years back. And that ended up in failure, I started up a very informative post about it on my old blog, but then I got lazy, social life was calling, school was calling, EXAMS were calling, so I decided making a sketmatic walkthrough without explaining exactly what was happening…In the end I think i made people only more confused like that since HNKNA is known for its very very long scenes and amount of text, though… And I think I’ve played his route like 4 times in the old game to figure out what the hell was wrong with my walkthrough.. ANYWAY, now that the iOS/Android version of this game is out and it’s in Englis-…err.. ENGRISH, I think I can help you guys make more sense of what are you supposed to do, using my knowledge from the past much more difficult PC versions.
….or so I thought. The Bad End is still really easy to get *thumbs up*. DARN IT QUINROSE.

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