[Let’s talk J-dramas] “Hakuouki SSL: Sweet School Life” – Where can I watch the episodes??? Why are they so hard to find???

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So I seriously have been getting LOTS of questions and demands on my Hakuouki SSL first impressions post, which brought everybody to the same question in the end: Where can I watch Hakuouki SSL dorama ? GIVES US LINKS PURESU!; this mostly after the first episode on bilibili.com got deleted, so I decided to reply to everybody with an official Let’s talk post, also trying to explain why is this drama so “unreachable” for the western audience.


Hakuouki SSL is a drama that I don’t think anybody besides a fan of the actual Hakuouki anime/game would actually attempt to English sub for us; Why? Because it’s so niche by default, which brings us  to FACT 2.

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[NEWS] How Idea Factory creates Otome Games – Interview

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I stumbled about this very interesting interview initiated by Siliconera with Norihisa Kochiwa who oversees all of development at Idea Factory including the Otomate label.

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