[Walkthrough] Amnesia: Memories [Toma]

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Finally! I know I’m incredibly late with this, but I couldn’t figure out how to get his good ending for a long time ! I obviously forgot what I chose in the Japanese version so I thought that being sincere and comprehensive with Toma would do the trick, but it seems like it didn’t…After a while I finally figured out that being unnecessarily sincere is not a good thing and I think that makes me have a higher opinion of Amnesia:Memories as a game overall because it proved once again that it doesn’t like to play obvious. (And yes, I refused to look for another walkthrough to solve my problems XD Pride !)

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[Walkthrough] Amnesia: Memories [Kent Route]

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lol I shall take note of such answer. XD

CV: Akira Ishida (please let me fangirl about this lol. Akira Ishida is one of my most favorite voice actors! He sounds so mysterious, yet at the same time mature and sometimes sexy!)

(Sorry that I took longer for this route, I got caught somewhere in Toma’s route. Literally.)

Kent’s route has 1 GOOD END, 1 NORMAL END and 2 BAD ENDS.

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[Let’s talk otome games] Why is Shin the “face” of Amnesia?

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Note: “Let’s talk” is a new category that I thought about adding. I will treat subjects pertinent to otome games/reverse harem/fujoshi stuff that I feel are worthy to take note of or talk about or that I just consider educational. So on with the first topic!

As you all know Amnesia: Memories is in a current frenzy in the Western otome game topics for some days ago. (It also seems to be the only thing I post about lately too lol, I’m sorry! ; w;). It has recieved a Very Positive rating on Steam and the good reviews keep popping out and this kind of make me reflect on the whole Amnesia promotion and I reached to the question: “Why is Shin the promotional face of Amnesia?”. He is on most promotional poster adds, on the game covers of Amnesia, Amnesia Later and Amnesia Crowd and if he’s not the only one in there, like on the Amnesia World and Amnesia anime DVD covers, he’s almost always at the center or more “obviously in eye range” position (with some exceptions, of course). Why not Ukyo? Why not Toma, Kent or Ikki? Why not all of them? After deep thought these are the reasons that I managed to come up with:

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[NEWS] Amnesia: Memories released for iOS and Android devices !

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While I already bought Amnesia (or more like it has been gifted to me by a very good friend XD), this is good news for those that have no PSVita or don’t want to make a Steam account/not comfortable playing on PC. Amnesia: Memories has been released for both iOS and Android devices! There are two versions which I will provide links for below: Normal and Premium. In the Normal you can pay for the respective routes separately if you don’t want them all (though I seriously don’t recommend that since the routes tend to tie together at the end) and in the Premium version you buy the whole game with the same price it has on Steam/PSN.

Find them both here!

iOS (Note that I shared the developer itunes page because you can choose between the iphone and ipad versions + look look! There’s Hakuouki too! )



[walkthrough] Amnesia: Memories [Shin route ]

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Let me get on the Amnesia train! I’m still excited I was able to own it so soon!

There are 4 endings available for Shin’s route.GOOD END, NORMAL END, and 2 (actually 3 but it’s only slightly different)DEAD ENDS (yes, I mean it.) Also, don’t be afraid to experiment. I usually save before every choice to see the immediate outcome of both options.

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