[NEWS] The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya now on Steam!

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Creator; Editor: Dongenzaka Lab

Publisher: 3DPublisher

Synopsis: “On a closed island where boys are not born, blooms a unique culture that is completely different from the mainland. In the middle of the island, there is a red-light district where the men all live. 

You enter this pleasure district, to buy just one night with a man who belongs to no one…a night filled with realized lies; the deceiving and the deceived. But after such a night, to whom will you speak of love?”

You can obtain it from Steam HERE.
There’s a 40% discount till the 21st of October so you’d better get while it’s still cheap. (27,99€ is kind of depressing for me…hahaha)

There is also an Android and iOS version if you don’t want to play on the computer:


The app version works like any other phone/tablet otome game. You choose your guy -> Buy his route -> off you go.

I just played the prologue of the app version and the whole idea around it is nice (I mean dating courtesans!  haha) and the art is very nice, but it’s not voiced, so again, if you really want this game I recommend you getting it during a sale.

EDIT: I hear that there’s also a PSVita version of this game called Otoko Yuukaku with fixed CG art, more music, voice actors, extra endings, new scenarios and an extra character. I understand that one reason why they maybe couldn’t have brought the voice actor version is probably because of buying the right to distribute their voice acting worldwide (that has been the problem before with Starry Sky series as well), but there’s no excuse for deciding to port the app version instead of the obviously higher quality PSVita version.



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This is not really a review, as much as me wanting to introduce you to this game instead.lol I’m cheating.
IDOLISH7 is a iOS and Android rhythm, idol management and collectible cards game with characters designs sketched by the great shoujo manga author, Arina Tanemura. You take the role of Tsumugi Takanashi (default name, however you can change it to whatever you want), a manager for a new idol group called IDOLISH7. As the name suggests, you must train 7 singers and bring them to the 1st place as idols. The downside, though, is that the game is available only in Japanese and can only be downloaded through the Japanese Android or iOS stores (but there are methods to go around that which I can explain in a separate tutorial if anybody needs one).The game provides fully voiced story mode for whoever doesn’t feel confident in their kana reading (me included lol).
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[NEWS] “Burn Your Fat With Me!! for Girls” Fitness Otome Game English Trailer

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Creative Freaks, makers of the Burn Fat With Me “moétivation” fitness app, have finally launched the English version of otome, female audience version, Burn Your Fat With Me!! for Girls. In it, the player is guided to do push-ups, squats and sit-ups, and supplied encouraging comments like “You know, there’s a finale line between ‘well-rounded’ and ‘chubby,’ right?” “Hey, fattie” and “You’re not eating too much, are you.. for God sake.


Story Voice Pack Episodes 2-8 $1.99
Push-Up DLC Pack $2.99
Calender & Timer Add-on $1.99
Story Voice Pack Episodes 9-11 $1.99
Story Voice Pack Episodes 13-15 $2.99
Toma (Sit-ups) Add-on $1.99
Ryuji (Sit-ups) Add-on $1.99
Kei(Squats) Stage Costume Add-on $0.99
Casual wear (Kei) $0.99
Keisuke (Push-ups) Add-on $0.99

“Equation of Happiness” (English Ver)
Burn your fat with me!! for Girls
-theme song-

⊹Music/Lyric: that
⊹Vocals: Nathan Sharp
⊹English Translation: Emong Zheng

✦App Download:
iTunes App Store
Google Play
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